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Social networks in the extreme

July 1st, 2007 · 10 Comments · Social Networks, Technology · 5,579 views

Today I was lucky enough to get an invite to Pownce, thanks JJ, which is cool as I can claim to be one of the first 10,000 no 50,000 no 100,000 people on the service which keeps up my street cred as being ahead of the curve. But it raises the same issue as I have had before on all of the new social networks.


I mean come on guys, I know you all want to control your growth and limit who can get in, but please make it easy for us to bring our contacts with us.

I have a few hundred souls who read my blog, thanks! I have a hundred more on LinkedIn that I connect to, some are the same as the readers of my blog others probably not. I have 146 friends and 119 followers on Twitter, I’m sure most of them don’t read this blog but they are fun to hang out with. I have friends on RecruitingBlogs.com, friends at Jobster, Jaiku, you get the point. I have ignored Facebook, MySpace and Friendster etc because I just don’t have time. But if I had invested the time I would have different set of friends.

I am not the only person to complain about this issue, nor is this the first time the issue has cropped up. But we have had a solution (of sorts) for about oh 2 years now, being XFN. Before anyone jumps in and says XFN wouldn’t work, stop as it is open source and the community could have enhanced it over the last 2 years to support what we needed. I see there is an obvious reason this has not happened.

LinkedIn and Paxlo have started to solve this by using the APIs of tools/services such as Hotmail, GMail, AOL etc to pull in you list of contacts.

One of the simple foundations of Web 2.0 is that “Users owning the data on a site and exercising control over that data.”, but this does not seem to hold true when it comes to my friends and social networks. The reason being is the friend are the value in the product.

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