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On-Line Bio

Michael Specht has been involved in the technology industry for over 20 years specialising in the impact that technology has on management practices and the broader organisation.

Currently Michael is Head of Customer Success at employee onboarding vendor HROnboard.

Most recently he led his own HR technology consulting business, Inspecht, specialising in HR Technology project management and social media for recruitment. Previously he has worked in a multitude of roles ranging from software development to project management both in Australia and overseas. Michael has considerable expertise in the development and implementation of solutions to effectively manage your people, ranging from global ERP HR/Payroll systems to employee portals and social networks. He has over 20 years experience in using the Internet to assist HR, for example in 1996 Michael set up one of the first corporate job boards in Australia, and in 1998 implemented an employee self service and knowledge management portal across Asia. He is a regular speaker on HR technology.


The views expressed here are mine and not that of my current, future or past employer’s or anyone else for that matter. My employer might disagree with what I post, you might disagree, even I might look back and disagree with myself as well. If you do disagree please comment on the post and let me know your thoughts.