Australian Vendors fail with RSS

I was updating my feeds today and decided I had better add the news/press/media release for a number of local vendors. I had not done this earlier as last I had looked most did not provide RSS feeds, I had hoped this situation had changed. Unfortunately I was wrong. Of the 12 vendors I check before writingContinue reading “Australian Vendors fail with RSS”

Slide show available online

I have put the slides from last night’s presentation online at SlideShare, they can be viewed via, only issue is you miss out on my fantastic commentary. A couple of points The cartoons are all Hugh Macleod’s of gapingvoid fame To review the buzz words you need to view the CommonCraft Show videos ToContinue reading “Slide show available online”

Replacement eStarling Photo Frame

When I returned from Hong Kong there was a package waiting for me in the mal room. The folks over at ThinkGeek and eStarling have been very nice and provided us who purchased a 1st generation eStarling Wireless Photo Frame with a replacement. Why? Well the first frame had a few issues, was a bitContinue reading “Replacement eStarling Photo Frame”

Job Search Affiliate according to Chris Pirillo

I am amazed at how cool job sites have become in the last few months, it seems you are not part of the in crowd unless you have a job site!  I have been wondering what the benefit is to the job seeker having to go to all of these sites to find a job. Continue reading “Job Search Affiliate according to Chris Pirillo”

More on HR 2.0 or is it 3.0?

(Yes I know I am flogging a dead horse.) Systematic Viewpoints has provided his opinion/views/position on HR, SOA and Web 2.0, within which he has questioned how to use RSS for an integrated worklist and poses several questions. All very important and shows a snippet of the issues/concerns that need to be resolved, I haveContinue reading “More on HR 2.0 or is it 3.0?”

Wiring the web and organisations

Following the recent posts on RSS, Web 2.0 and the impact on HR vendors I was listening to the Gillmor Gang talk with Ray Ozzie CTO of Microsoft on the Live Clipboard and it got me thinking.

Live Clipboard allows you to copy and paste structured data to and from a web site or your PC. If you are like me your immediate reaction is huh? But after thinking it through for a few minutes I started to understand what he was getting at.

When will HR catch onto the wave?

A few days ago (16 to be exact) Thomas Otter (a solution architect at SAP) posted on Enterprise RSS, web 2.0 and HR, he also skimmed the social web and it’s potential in the enterprise space. It is fantastic that these concepts are being picked up by more and more people. However I kind ofContinue reading “When will HR catch onto the wave?”