Replacement eStarling Photo Frame

When I returned from Hong Kong there was a package waiting for me in the mal room. The folks over at ThinkGeek and eStarling have been very nice and provided us who purchased a 1st generation eStarling Wireless Photo Frame with a replacement. Why? Well the first frame had a few issues, was a bit ugly and had an external WiFi USB key.

The 2nd generation frame is so far proving to be the exact opposite. Within about 15 minutes of getting it home I had my photos from Flickr appearing via an RSS feed, including the 10 minutes I messed around once again forgeting I had MAC address filtering on our WiFi network, d’oh!

A few grips

  • The frame is widescreen format and I am getting black lines down the sides cause all our existing photos are 4:3 not 9:6
  • There is no MAC address printed on the box or frame so it makes having MAX address filtering a bit more complex, there is a support topic for this.
  • Connection to our WiFi network is sometimes a little flaky, or it could be the config in the frame.
  • The frame still requires a WiFi network to display photos
  • Configuration is still a little tempormental

Having said that I really like the new frame and the positive features outway the negatives.
Below are some photo’s I took of the unpacking process.
Whats in the Box


These next photos were taken as widescreen as I rebooted to see what things looked like on the frame.



Photowalking in Hong Kong

Yesterday I went out and about walking and traveling around Hong Kong for just over 5 hours, end result 135 photos and 5 or 6 videos. While the photos are going to take a while to sort through I have pulled together a quick video with some stills of my trip up the Peak on the tram, mainly for BJ. If you have never been up there I recommend you have a watch or even better hop on a plane to Hong Kong and do it yourself. 🙂

Publishing the video this morning got me thinking about new media/social media and the profound effect it is having on our world. Here I am in a hotel room in Hong Kong, publishing content for all to see, no waiting till I get home or photos to be developed let alone editing a video.

Photowalking Hong Kong

I packed our digital camera for the trip up to Hong Kong, normally I don’t take a camera on business trips, not sure why just not something I have got into the habit of.

This time with the camera I am planning to do a photowalk in Hong Kong on either Saturday 19th May or Sunday 20th May. Over the next couple of days I will do some research and reflection on where and post later in the week on my plans. Initial thoughts jump on the Star ferry over to Kwooloon or through Wanchai and up Victoria Peak, in addition there will be an evening walk through Mong Kok or Temple St markets.

All welcome if you happen to be in Hong Kong.

Digital Photography and Flickr

During the Christmas break we bought a new camera, a Canon PowerShot A710 a very nice piece of kit.  Not the smallest camera on the market but in my mind one of the best, before you get into the SLR range.

  • 6 x optical zoom
  • Optical image stabiliser
  • 7.1 Mega pixels
  • Optional lens conversions
  • Lots on in built options
  • VGA Movies

I really like photography always have so it is great to be able to take pictures again that are of reasonable quality.

The only problem I have is I take way too many pictures and have a hard time determine which ones are the good ones.  The outcome I think is too many pictures on Flickr.