Welcome to 2010

2009 was a long year for many, it started out with all sorts of doom and gloom, then we have had some ups and downs but generally most people I speak with agree the year ended in a fairly good way.

So on to 2010. First question is it Twenty Ten or Two Thousand and Ten? Let me know your thoughts.

Some blog statistics:

  • 37% of traffic comes from Australia, meaning over 60% of you are not from around here. The next largest source of traffic is USA with 32% followed by UK with only 5%!
  • 54% of readers still prefer Internet Explorer although Firefox makes up 32%
  • 70% of all traffic comes from search engines of that Google makes up about 90% of that traffic. The top referrer to the site is Twitter, but that is only 1.5% of all traffic.
  • April 4 2009 saw the biggest spike in traffic, almost 100% more traffic than the next highest day.

Next up there are a few changes that I am planning for 2010. (Yes the rest of this post is a little commercial in nature, sorry.)

Over the break the Inspecht Online store had a little make over and allowed for the introduction of some new products.


The first product I want to let you know about is the Webinar Series each at $49. Each month I plan to run a 60 minutes webinar looking at a variety of different topics, the first topic Entering the Social Recruiting Maze. Entering the Social Recruiting Maze is based on the joint presentation I gave at the ATS Social Media event in December.

Inspecht Membership

The second product is the Inspecht Memberships. These memberships are designed to give people access to premium content, much of which I use in my day to day consulting, eBooks and webinars. Each membership is $299 and just by signing up you get access to all of the webinars, valued at $588 for the year!

Full Membership includes:

  • Weekly emails of the Inspecht newsletter
  • Access to templates, FAQs, and checklists, with new resources being added all of the time.
  • Access to all AUD$15 eBooks from the Inspecht Online Store
  • Participation at each monthly 1 hour webinar
  • Access to all previous webinars

Right now I am still fleshing out the content within the membership section, but access to the webinars alone should justify the purchase.

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