Is blogging over?

Two interesting things have happened in the last 3 days.

I woke on Saturday morning to the news that Joel Cheesman, the Cheezhead site and from what I can tell brand had been purchased by Jobing. Part of this change is the blog will be no more. This news struck me as very strange, given the huge amount of effort Joel has put into Cheezhead over the last few years. I was also instantly reminded of the Jason Davis, and Jobster scenario which I hope does not happen to Joel.

Yesterday Brett Iredale from JobAdder announced their new recruitment product but also that he is retiring the JobAdder blog for a more integrated, communal way of interacting. Good to see some experimentation in the Australian marketplace.

So does this mean blogs are dead? Nope just they are starting to change the way they look and the way they are used by business.

3 thoughts on “Is blogging over?

  1. Is blogging over?? No, I do not think so. I do think we will see blogs change and grow from what they currently are and have been – what will they turn into, I am not sure yet. We blog to share our thoughts and ideas with others, that is still important – If you look at they recently changed their homepage to their blogpage because their clients come to them for their thoughts and ideas. I think by changing the company homepage to their blogpage makes a great statement about the perceived benefits of blogging.

  2. I see it as an evolution not necessarily an end.

    Blogging can be used in a number of different ways and as your business evolves so does your use of a blog. I used blogs originally to help create our brand and it was successful beyond my expectations. We now have a strong brand (in our little niche) and I am moving the focus to creating, serving and being part of a JobAdder community.

    I also believe blogging is too much of a one way conversation for our purposes. Sure you get the occasional comments on a blog but it is rare to get a real conversation going, and certainly not in anything like real time.
    So we are moving to a model where we can interact and converse in close to real time with our customers, friends, prospects and anybody else who wants to be involved.

    I have been blogging now since the NowHiring blog in 2005 and it is just getting tired. With all the exciting new technology out there and the evolutions in web behaviour I know we can do better.

  3. I don’t think blogging is over as a concept. The idea of a single, journalistic stream of information isn’t as much of a monlogue as initially suspected. A blog entry is a position statement, either on a topic, a subject channel or your own life. Create interest and engagement (even from a monologue perspective) and people will be interested enough to read (and comment).
    While the latest push has been for online collaborative and discussion-based frameworks, these have a limit. Blogs started as a way of disseminating the product of a single voice to a wider audience. This doesn’t make them anti-collaborative, but creates a position from which discussions can be launched, conversations created and ideas generated.
    With products like Tumblr making simple blogging easier, and a push to make web-based publishing more accessible to the less tech-friendly, I think blogging is evolving. Not to a collboration platform, but to a more diplomatic way of sharing voice.

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