The future of recruiting technology

I have been thinking a lot recently about the future of recruiting technology. While social networking is all the rage at the moment it is not new, and was first seen as a recruitment tool at least two to three years ago if not longer.

So where to next?

I usually look at future technology trends with two view points, the Gartner Hype Cycle and Chris Anderson’s, from Wired Magazine, four key stages of technology viability.

First let’s look at the Gartner Hype Cycle. 

Hype Cycle

According to Gartner the visibility of new technologies peaks early with lots of hype and excitement, followed by a “trough of disillusionment” where inflated expectations hit reality. It is at this time when fundamental changes in both what the technology does and how we use them takes place. Sometimes technology does not survive but as the technology begins to prove itself we see it being used productively.

The trick it to know where a technology is on this curve. For example social recruiting, “peak of inflated expectations” or “slope of enlightenment”?

The second approach I have been thinking about was provided by Chris Anderson at TED in 2004 where he talked about technology collisions as a way of assessing its viability. The four collisions he lists are:

  1. Critical Price
  2. Critical Mass
  3. Displacing another technology
  4. Commoditise, nearly free

For example, job boards are moving toward being a commodity. Using free software anyone can create a job board for a community in about 24 hours.

Following FutureSummit I am also looking at the future in the terms of MegaTrends. The two trends of note here are the Rise of Asia and Connectivity. With connectivity, while social networking is all the rage now we don’t grasp what is going to happen as mobile connectivity really takes off. Could this mobility in social networking change influence?

So I have three attributes to consider now for technology each with their own factors to consider. I suspect somewhere in the mix is the future, now if I can only find it.

Trend Influences

6 thoughts on “The future of recruiting technology

  1. Michael
    Interesting take, and great to see you thinking about the hype cycle as a tool to understand tech trends, because that is exactly what it is designed to do.

    I’m in the middle of working on the broader HCM technology hype cycle at the moment, as well as the e-Recruitment Magic Quadrant. We don’t do an individual hype cycle for e-Rec, but I would suggest that social software is still climbing up the left hand slope.

    Social software is definitely impacting both pieces of research.

    It is also worth getting hold of the hype cycle book (Fenn and Raskino) , as it goes into the methodology etc behind it. It is a lot more work than it looks!

  2. Michael, I like how you have applied this theory to recruitment technologies. I particularly like the Hype cycle and think technologies like Twitter in recruitment are due to move out of the current peak of inflated expectations into the trough of disillusionment within the next three months.

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