Social networking and recruitment

There are some major changes taking place within the recruitment software market at the moment. Changes that have the ability to remove vendors such as Taleo from being “top of the pops”.

What is it? Intelligent matching of jobs to social networks.

Both Australian job referral vendors 2Vouch and Hoojano do this but not to the level that we are seeing from players such as JobVite and Appirio. Appirio has a US$25,000 annual fee and connects with SalesForce and Facebook. Once employees opt-in the system reviews their friends list in Facebook and match potential jobs to friends. JobVite works in a similar way but uses both Facebook and LinkedIn, then the person who had the job referred to them can also opt-in to receive future job notices from the company. ERE had a review of both Appirio and JobVite’s new features.

These features validate the use of social networks for recruiting and move them from being a passive part of the process to a key component.

If you are in the market for a recruitment solution the decision making process just got a little harder.

(Disclosure: 2Vouch is a client of mine.)

5 thoughts on “Social networking and recruitment

  1. We are Partnering with Jobvite for our RPO Engagements with clients in Australia & San Francisco. I completely agree that Jobvite’s features completely validate the use of social networks for recruiting.

  2. Thanks for the overview Michael – this provides a really interesting snap shot of the progression some of the more innovative thinkers in the HR world are making.

    It’s interesing that there are services now popping up which mine facebook for relevant contacts. Do you think a more social way of doing so is for the companies themselves to encourage employees to join the company on facebook?

    I think it’s interesting to see the direct clash between companies using facebook to recruit whilst at the same time still blocking the service from their employees in the office. 🙂 Silly.

  3. @Brett You always lighten up my day, well you & Mr Jennings.

    @Kyle Thanks for the comments.

    @Steve Certainly a more social way would be to join the tools & connect directly however these tools are using your existing contacts to connect them with jobs so it is a half way point. As for the clash yep very silly!

  4. I agree Brett, it has been hard (and bad) for a long time. But I think we are slowly making improvements. Take MYOB for example and the launch of Not only are they harnessing the power of social networking to provide recruitment solutions but they are also rewarding people who help to successfully match their friends to a job.

    Admittedly I’ve only dabbled when it comes to, but the idea is so simple and efficient for both the job seeker and employer in that it leverages social networking to connect potential employers with their own friends/colleagues.

    Even LinkedIn which has been available in Australia for a few years now, makes the most of social networking in that you are able to search for jobs, refer friends and event keep in touch with old classmates or colleagues.

    In Australia we have only just began to scratch the surface of an area that is clearly growing. I couldn’t agree more Michael, sites like and LinkedIn are validating the use of social networks, and very soon they will become a key component!

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