Survey closed

Just a quick note to say the Job Seeker survey is now closed. If you completed it thank you and if you opted to go into the draw to win an Amazon voucher they will be handed out very soon.

That’s it from me, a very busy week so there will probably be no further communications until March sorry.

Four quick thoughts

I have been meaning to write an earth shattering post here for a while, but I guess that will have to wait a bit longer. In the meantime here are four quick thoughts to keep you going:

  1. Honesty in a resume is important even when your brackground is not the most attractive, Drug Smugglers Resume.
  2. Want to quickly monitor your personal brand? Here are three tools to help you get started.
  3. Work in a large company? Then follow David and Gareth on their quest for the perfect ERP.
  4. Finally when a mainstream consulting firm like McKinsey starts using hashtags to discuss Web 2.0 you know you need to get involved.

Job seeker services

It has been a very busy couple of week, with this week looking even busier. This is a good thing. 

One activity that has been taking a bit of time is a new business venture I have been looking at, providing a range of services to job seekers. In writing the eBook for job seekers I got thinking and have essentially decided with the help of a couple of other people to make it the basis of a new business. However before we go bounding off setting it all up we wanted to take a few minutes to pause and do a bit of market research.

So the start of this research is a quick survey. Unlike the other surveys for your time you can opt to go into a draw to win one of five US$25 Amazon Gift vouchers.  

So please take the survey it is only 6 questions, including two yes/no ones so really only four.

HR Futures and the Mobile Ecosystem

It is only 2 weeks until the Inspecht HR Futures Conference, so if you are planning to attend make sure you register ASAP. $400 for the full day is very reasonable considering many events are up to three times that price per day. While the speakers will be of course great, the break sessions will allow you to network with your peers in a relaxed environment.

End self promotion.

Now time to promote someone else.

Kate Carruthers from Sydney town is organising an event in early March called “Entering the Mobile Ecosystem” as part of the venture Silicon Federation. This is a half day event and looks at how to enter the mobile marketplace.

This seminar is for you if:

  • you are looking for new, inexpensive ways to reach customers
  • you want practical advice from speakers who have done it
  • you want to meet mobile app developers, including the developer whose Australian iPhone app tops the charts
  • you want a clear understanding of the next steps for your business


  • Shane Williamson – Mobile Convergence Evangelist
  • Graham Dawson – creator of the top rating Oz Weather iPhone app
  • Keith Ahern – CEO of MoGeneration one of the leading Australian iPhone development companies with 5 high profile iPhone web apps released in 2008

If you are up in Sydney and interested in mobile applications and their impacts on business head over to Silicon Federation and register.

Social networking and recruitment

There are some major changes taking place within the recruitment software market at the moment. Changes that have the ability to remove vendors such as Taleo from being “top of the pops”.

What is it? Intelligent matching of jobs to social networks.

Both Australian job referral vendors 2Vouch and Hoojano do this but not to the level that we are seeing from players such as JobVite and Appirio. Appirio has a US$25,000 annual fee and connects with SalesForce and Facebook. Once employees opt-in the system reviews their friends list in Facebook and match potential jobs to friends. JobVite works in a similar way but uses both Facebook and LinkedIn, then the person who had the job referred to them can also opt-in to receive future job notices from the company. ERE had a review of both Appirio and JobVite’s new features.

These features validate the use of social networks for recruiting and move them from being a passive part of the process to a key component.

If you are in the market for a recruitment solution the decision making process just got a little harder.

(Disclosure: 2Vouch is a client of mine.)

Managing the employer brand

Over the last two to three months I have spent a lot of time working with people on either their employer or personal brand. These discussions have lead me to believe that most organisations are not thinking about how social media can impact their employer brand. 

Organisations are spending vasts amounts of time and money ensuring that their employer value proposition (EVP) clearly articulates to the workforce benefits that are both emotive (feeling good about working here) and tangible (remuneration, benefits and career development) for current and prospective employees.

Traditionally an EVP reflects the external image that the organisation portrays to the workforce and is reflected in the actions and behaviours of public officers and by company policies, procedures and practices.  In today’s world through social media, blog posts, tweets, and video are controlled by the public and remain in search engine caches for a very long time, if not forever!

I call this new world one of a “socially generated EVP”. And your socially generated EVP is not one you can control or predict in a traditional manner.

Today I read about a survey conducted by Weber Shandwick and the Economist Intelligence Unit which found that while 67% of executives felt their companies reputation was vulnerable online. However less than 40% analysed their own reputation and 70% were either unaware or did not want to admit employees have badmouthed the companies online. The full replort is available (PDF).

This calls for social media governance within the organisation. With social media being a grass roots activity you might question the need for governance. However without a good governance model, your employees and the organisation as a whole, is left open to abuse and potential legal issues. At a minimum, put down some “rules of engagement”, depending on your corporate culture, they can be simple or complex, preferably simple!  Don’t forget that by engaging with your employees as part of the creation process of the governance model can create self-regulation.


Social Recruiting and an experiment

Last week I was meeting with Riges Younan and Jeremy Samuel from 2Vouch to discuss Riges’s presentation for Australiasian Talent Conference in Auckland, topic being “The Evolution of Social Recruiting”. To develop the presentation Riges wanted feedback from the recruiting community on their thoughts, ideas and case studies. To quote Riges:

I need your help to shape, contribute and assist in the creation of this presentation.  I’ll be posting ways in which we can work together to create something that will assist many HR, Recruiters and Jobseekers around the world.

To facilitate the process Riges wanted a blog and a wiki to collect the content and discuss the ideas. So has been set up. If you have anything to say on social recruiting or recruiting in general go register and contribute, the rest of this post will be be about how I built the site.

When thinking about what tool to use to build the wiki I was very concerned that many wiki tools still use a Wiki-markup style, while basic can put a lot of people off contributing. We wanted the barrier for use to be low.

The blog was to be in WordPress 2.7, I did a bit of searching and found a wiki plugin from Instinct. While only recently released it had all of the features I needed to get the site going  quickly. I needed to modify the code a bit to fix some of the bugs, I also updated the security components along with the theme to adjust how pages were edited. Once users register they can edit any pages through the WordPress administration dashboard. This way we leveraged the power features of WordPress as a blogging platform and also its very easy to use user interface for the wiki component. Security has been adjusted so all users can create and edit and page, upload images and video, create but not publish blog posts.

Some additional plugs have been used to add collaborative features including Add to Any, Collapsing Pages, GD Start Rating, and SlideShare.

Yes there are other tools I could have used but not for only 10 hours work across two days.

I would be very interested to hear any thoughts.