Things to extreme, including interviews

Today is day 3 or 4 of the heatwave here in Melbourne, by heatwave over 40 degrees Celsius, up to 44 a couple of times (that is 104 & 112 Fahrenheit respectively), things are a bit extreme at the moment.

To match the extreme weather it is time to learn about Extreme Interviewing.

Extreme Interviewing is a method created by the folks at Menlo Innovations, specifically Richard Sheridan and Lisamarie Babik. The idea is that traditional interview techniques do not match the culture of Agile programming environments. Agile programming is the new cool developer term for getting things done fast. Actually it is more than that it is about building the right tools for the right customers with the customers and delivery tends to be very fast.

At its core Extreme Interviewing is about matching the candidate with the organisational culture. This is done by taking candidate through a process where they have to work together and are evaluated on collaboration, and cultural fit first, then technical skills. You can read a great interview of Richard and Lisamarie on CIO where they discuss what Extreme Interviewing is all about. 

More information is also available on the Menlo Innovations web site.

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