Are you adapting your services to stay relevant?

An old saying by Heraclitus a Greek philosopher that “Nothing endures but change”. If this was true in 500 BC, then today if you are not preparing for change you are dead in the water. Period!

Today I was reading a Gartner research report by Thomas Otter, aka Vendorprisey, The Effects of Social Software on Your Employer Brand (Hat Tip: Amit Avasthi) which got me thinking about change.

Then I came across a post by Don Tapscott on Grown Up Digital about how libraries in the US are having to adapt to encourage Generation Y to visit. Resulting by the way in a 25% increase in attendance!

What would you do if you weren't afraid
So what do these two things have in common?

Customers are changing and so you must evolve to survive. Even more so in tough economic times. 

Now how are you changing to stay relevant? Depending on your view what do employers, candidates, employees or the board really want from you in 2009? How can you deliver it?

What should you be upgrading? Your employer branding? Your careers web site? Your referral program? Your Resume? Your Compensation programs? Your Performance Review programs? Your strategic plan?

Think about getting a 25% improvement by changing to suit your audience.

If you want to learn more about how to deal with change read Who Moved My Cheese?.

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One thought on “Are you adapting your services to stay relevant?

  1. “Nothing endures but change” this is a great quote and one that I think many of us need to be mindful off, particularly in the current market, regardless of if you are a job seeker or hirer.

    Even in good times change can be hard to deal. Most of us prefer to do what we have always done and then wonder why we are getting the same results. My concern both for employers and job seekers is that the current market will take us back rather than forward. The perception of risk is heightened, as a result most are reluctant to do something different or trying something new.

    The good news is that there is always a segment of innovators, mavericks, early adopters, change agents or whatever you want to call them who drive change – thanks goodness or we would still be living in huts!

    If Library’s can adapt to meet the needs of their new audiences, one would assume that there is a huge amount of scope for commercial organisations! I admire those who create change and those who embrace change for where would be without them! That’s the difference between leaders and followers I guess – and let’s face it as top job seeker you want to work for the leaders!

    Kelly Magowan
    Six Figures,

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