Productivity paradox of social networks

Social networking tends to take a bit of a beating in the mainstream press when it comes to the business value. They seem to ignore the good examples of how organisations use these tools, such as Dow Chemical to encourage their alumni and employees on long term leave to return. In the first three months ofContinue reading “Productivity paradox of social networks”

Things to extreme, including interviews

Today is day 3 or 4 of the heatwave here in Melbourne, by heatwave over 40 degrees Celsius, up to 44 a couple of times (that is 104 & 112 Fahrenheit respectively), things are a bit extreme at the moment. To match the extreme weather it is time to learn about Extreme Interviewing. Extreme InterviewingContinue reading “Things to extreme, including interviews”

Top Recruiting/Recruiters on Twitter

Twitter seems to be the flavour of the month. Every day I hear Twitter this and Twitter that, many times from mainstream press outlets. It has taken the recruiting community a while to come to terms with Twitter. This is not a bad thing as the business value needed to be understood. I first bloggedContinue reading “Top Recruiting/Recruiters on Twitter”

Talking with the Recruiting Animal

Yesterday I was lucky (or unlucky depending on your point of view) to be invited onto the Recruiting Animal Show. The Recruiting Animal is Michael Kelemen from Canada. Michael holds a weekly live show for people to call in to talk recruiting. I was on the show with Australian recruiters Dan Naroo, and Ross Clennett. ThereContinue reading “Talking with the Recruiting Animal”

Being an HR Manager in a Web 2.0 company

Many people have commented that there is still a session in the HR Futures Conference without a speaker, could they fill the slot. The issue has not been there was no speaker, more that I had too many speakers to choose from! Over the last month I have been working with several people to finaliseContinue reading “Being an HR Manager in a Web 2.0 company”

Twitter for Jobs a follow up

A short follow up on my post about using Twitter to find a job and find candidates. As a recap, Brandon Mendelson (@BJMendelson) created two hastags, Have A Job? (#HAJ) and Need a job (#NAJ), the details can be found on his blog. I said the real power was you did not need to use Twitter to access the jobsContinue reading “Twitter for Jobs a follow up”

Looking for a job or looking for candidates? Look on Twitter.

A little experiment in recruitment has been kicked off by @BJMendelson on Twitter. Using Twitter to connect job seekers with employers through the use of hastags. Hashtags are a community driven tagging process for adding additional context and metadata to your Twitter.  You create a hashtag by prefixing a word with a hash symbol: #hashtag. Brandon has createdContinue reading “Looking for a job or looking for candidates? Look on Twitter.”

Succession planning a critical process

Managing your talent is one of the most critical activities an HR professional undertakes. Starting with the workforce plan, the right mix of hires, supporting performance and development, to planning succession which feeds back into your workforce plan. Of these steps succession planning, and workforce planning tend to be overlooked by many organisations. For manyContinue reading “Succession planning a critical process”