Social media in big companies

A couple of months ago Telstra joined Twitter via their ISP Big Pond, I and others wrote harshly about how the implementation had been a failure. Since that time the Telstra team have been taking on board the feedback and have made significant changes to the way they engage with people online.  After initially tryingContinue reading “Social media in big companies”

Great places to work in Australia

The Great Place to Work Institute has launched their 2009 program partnering with BRW. They have over 20 years experience in measuring employee engagement from all over the globe, they define a great place to work as one where trust exists. At the heart of our definition of a great place to work – a placeContinue reading “Great places to work in Australia”

Looking for a job? Meet Steve Jobs from JobFeedr

I ran across YAJS (yet another job site) today which is in very early stages of development, they started building it roughly 15 days ago! The site is built by two Sydney guys Mike Nicholls & Dale Hurley. From their about page: aggregates Job Postings from major job boards in numbers of major citiesContinue reading “Looking for a job? Meet Steve Jobs from JobFeedr” using comment spam?

Today I woke up to find some comments waiting for approval from a site, a small job board here in Australia. The comments were typical of someone creating comment spam (such as nice site and 🙂 ) and on posts about a competing job board, all from the same IP address but with differentContinue reading “ using comment spam?”

Have you heard of the Velociroflcoptersaurus?

There is a silly little game going on with some fo the IT folks here in Australia, basically to see who can own the word Velociroflcoptersaurus in Google by Jan 13 2009. Given I know very little about SEO I figured why not play and see what I could learn. I was a little late intoContinue reading “Have you heard of the Velociroflcoptersaurus?”

Social media recruitment strategies

Following on from the 52 social media ideas for HR I have pulled together a few ideas on ways to improve your organisation’s recruitment strategy. They are based around seven key principles Transparency Conversation Wisdom of Crowds Data is Key Speed Reuse Rich User Experience Here is a the slide show for you: Designing YourContinue reading “Social media recruitment strategies”

New jobs site for Australian web developers

While watching my Twitter stream today I saw a Tweet about a new job board, Web Freelancers just for Australian and New Zealand developers. There are other freelance boards around some like RentACoder, elance, and oDesk provide major management tools (billing, time taking etc). Right now WebFreelancers is free to post a job, so ifContinue reading “New jobs site for Australian web developers”