Basic community manager role

The role below floated across my desk on Friday, specifically targeted at students as it was advertised on the Swinburne University employment site for students.

A few interesting points.

Firstly there are more and more of these roles requesting skills within social media, and secondly they are targeted to university students. I suspect employers have decided that it is mainly Gen Y who know this “stuff” called social networking. Finally the role is not for a large multinational, or technology firm or even a digital media outlet. No it is for an automotive company!

IT/Web Guy – IT/Web Girl required.

Do you love working on websites and chatting with people on internet forums? Have you dabbled in eBay or used Google Adwords/Adsense for your own or company sites? Are you a blogger and YouTube user? If you answer yes to these questions, we want to hear from you.

JHP Vehicle Enhancements are an automotive company in Blackburn (VIC) and we need a Web person with general IT support skills. The bulk of your work will be web related. Maintaining our current web site (HTML/PHP), conversing on automotive forums, SEO, implementing a new ecommerce enabled website (using an open-source CMS). EBay, Web orders and electronic communication will be your responsibility.

Your role will also include basic IT Support, before addressing external technicians. Light administrative work such as invoicing will be required when the accounts lady is not in. A pleasant phone mannerism and good verbal comprehension and conversational skills to help field calls.

This opportunity is great for anyone with some identifiable experience. Whether that be personal or professional doesn’t matter to us, we just want you to provide real proof that you can do what you say you can.

So if you live and breathe the web, can do basic IT support and have a willingness to learn, we want to hear from you now.

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