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Yesterday I received my copy of the May 2008 Hitwise Newsletter which tends to cover lots of general high level internet traffic trends in Australia. (Over the last few months I have been ignoring them, they are probably archived somewhere in GMail if I went to find them.) This month I decided to read it.

Of real interest was the traffic analysis for the News & Media – Print industry.

First up the leading sites were:-

  • Sydney Morning Herald (14.25%)
  • The Age (10.39%)
  • Herald Sun (5.81%)
  • The Daily Telegraph (3.62%)
  • The Australian (3.4%)

What would be interesting is to see how the traffic compares to the online news site, ABC News and But this is not the point of this post.

The point is the traffic drivers to these sites. Firstly Google’s Australian property drove a massive 13.34% of a traffic! Second was ninemsn with lowly 3.11%. The surprise for me was that Facebook is 5th with 2.76%. The surprises didn’t stop there!

Digg is also mentioned as a driver of traffic, now remember these are Australian print news and media properties. Over the last year Digg’s traffic to these sites has grown 120.8% and is now 18th driver of traffic.

What this tells me is use of social media/network services is growing within Australian and it is grown outside of the geeks. For many this might be old news, but for me it is good to see it in hard numbers. This has two implications.

Firstly “traditional” media are probably starting to see a pay off for their entrance into using these tools. By entrance by putting those fancy little “Submit to …” links at the bottom of their posts. The nature follow on here is the board room will take notice and we could see changes in the market.

Second it means the general public is starting to use these services. Which I guess means they see value, well why else would they use them?? When people see value they tend to expect all sites to offer similar services.


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5 thoughts on “Australian web traffic statistics

  1. It’ll be interested to see whether grows to be a significant driver of traffic. Although it’s essentially a digg clone in most respects, it’s Australian focus could help it to grow.

  2. Sean I have not seen Kwoff, very interesting site. Yes I would be interested to see what sort of traffic the Australia sites are generating.

  3. I’m not sure how long it has been around. I’ve been playing around with it a bit lately and, although there don’t seem to be too many users yet, it does have potential.

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