Australian web traffic statistics

Yesterday I received my copy of the May 2008 Hitwise Newsletter which tends to cover lots of general high level internet traffic trends in Australia. (Over the last few months I have been ignoring them, they are probably archived somewhere in GMail if I went to find them.) This month I decided to read it.Continue reading “Australian web traffic statistics”

New job service for casual workers

Today I was listening to the 2WebCrew where Cameron Reilly mentioned a new Australian startup PloyMe. PloyMe is a job board with a difference. It is aimed at casual workers where job seekers once registered only apply for shifts via SMS. Shifts are sent to a job seekers phone and the first to reply “wins”Continue reading “New job service for casual workers”

New model for management

Couple of related posts appeared in my feed reader today. First was from Mark Pesce who wrote about the fact that education provided in schools currently does not reflect modern communication cultures. When a kid goes to school they have to disconnect from the “hyperconnected” world. What this means, in a practical sense, is thatContinue reading “New model for management”

Talent Management Marketplace changes

Last week we saw the announcement that Taleo will acquire Vurv, essentially number 1 taking number 2 in the Talent Management marketplace. This is both good and bad news for the other players in the market. Bad because the combined entity will certainly be a major player, good in that both companies will have toContinue reading “Talent Management Marketplace changes”