Become a recruiter for your friends

(Sorry long post.) Today I was emailed about a new job referral tool in the Australian marketplace, Hoojano in semi private beta. As far as I can tell has stayed under the radar of almost everyone, a Google search yields 38 results. OnRec blog have covered it in a limited fashion, along with James ChristianContinue reading “Become a recruiter for your friends”

Reader numbers mean a rethink

When I setup my blog several years ago I decided to use FeedBurner to manage my RSS feed ( There were several reasons for this decision the top two were portability and statistics. When I moved my blog to WordPress a good couple of years ago I kept my FeedBurner feed and put a linkContinue reading “Reader numbers mean a rethink”

Twitter, Twitter, Twitter

A quick update post on my rant. A couple of days ago Twitter announced they would be working with Joyeur to help stablise their infrastructure. Well it seems after the last 24 hours that relationship is now more. Posts from Joyuer, Download Squad, & Data Centre Knowledge.