More on censorship

A follow up post, I found a few more articles on this whole censorship issue in Australia from numerous sources and some more thoughts.

There has been a huge discussion on Twitter between social media and web folks who I personally consider experts in the online world but many of them seem confused. Not good. Some of the questions/issues raised, of course many may be overreactions.

  • Based on the current interpretations Second Life really should be banned in Australia.
  • Seesmic a micro video blogging tool would be banned if it had a dedicated porn feed.
  • If YouTube (of related service) had 1 offending video would the whole service be blocked until the 1 video was removed.
  • Why is pornography (opt out) more offending than crime or terrorism which has an opt in list?
  • What about VOIP tools (ie Skype) will they be banned because they could be used for pornography and cannot be blocked due to the traffic encryption.

Some links first up from The 463 “While You Were Out: Australia Makes Plans to Censor the Internet“:

However, as The Australian notes, “in Britain, only between 200 and 1000 child pornography sites have been included on a blacklist.”

And, Conroy is talking about potentially millions of general pornography sites (however defined) and other sites that depict violence (ditto). Plus, Australian sensibilities are hardly “European” when it comes to community standards.

An Op Ed piece by Dr Peter John Chen in The Age “Who’s afraid of the net?“:

The policy is reminiscent of Douglas Adams’ anti-panic glasses, which turned black when confronted with something that might scare you.

Second Op Ed from the Australian “Net-nanny state worth watching

The plan risks giving parents a false sense of security because it will not be possible to block all offensive material. Equally, educational and other non-offensive sites will almost certainly be blocked in error. And research shows blanket restrictions can have a dramatic impact on the speed at which broadband services operate.

Finally a link from Peter Black’s Freedom to Differ “More on Australian online censorship“.

Mandatory censorship of the internet

The new Labour Government had announced there intend as part of the election campaign to introduce filtering of the internet and on Dec 31st they provided further details on what would be happening with mandatory filtering of the Internet by ISPs.

Senator Conroy says it will be mandatory for all internet service providers to provide clean feeds, or ISP filtering, to houses and schools that are free of pornography and inappropriate material.

Personally I am against any form of censorship. Its that simple. But with this I am also confused, you can opt-out and have an unfiltered huh?

Senator Conroy says anyone wanting uncensored access to the internet will have to opt out of the service.

Now just because someone has a foot fetish and wants uncensored access means they could be put on a list of “bad people”, and who gets to store that information? An opt in list such as the one for crime and terrorism makes far more sense.

Further to this some of the content that is being banned on the Internet (X18+) is available for purchase on DVD in Canberra the nations capital!

Highly confused like lots of people.

There has been lots of discussion over the last day, I don’t know all the facts more research is required, here are some links if you want to read more.