Twitter – Something is technically wrong.

Rant ahead, leave if offended. First let me say I ❤ Twitter, and would pay for the service assuming below is fixed. Twitter must be the most unreliable web service ever, there I said it! I help organise the Melbourne Twitter meet ups so normally I am very biased but reliability is something Twitter doesContinue reading “Twitter – Something is technically wrong.”

When your social graph breaks

There is a lot of talk these days about social graphs, a newish term used to describe our online social relationships across the myriad of web sites these days. If you are unsure what a social graph is read this description from Jeremiah Owyang. Another common discussion at the moment is the cross over ofContinue reading “When your social graph breaks”

Satisfaction does equal higher returns

A fairly common statement heard these days in organisations is “high employee satisfaction translates to higher earnings”. Gautam Gosh pointed me to a recent paper by Alex Edmans, a Finance Professor at Wharton which compares; stock returns of companies with high employee satisfaction and compares them to various benchmarks — the broader market, peer firmsContinue reading “Satisfaction does equal higher returns”

Useless facts about Twitter

I was reading Twitter Facts during lunch and thought, “how many of us are in Australia?” so I spent a few minutes to find out. I used 2 different tools, first TwitDir and then Twitter’s in built search. Just to note both search tools have limits. TwitDir only searches public timelines, while both search Usernames,Continue reading “Useless facts about Twitter”