Follow up on always on communication

Over the last 6 months I have written a few times about always on communication and the impact on workplaces, work life balance and productivity. Today is a follow up.

By the end of next week I will have had the Palm Treo 750 for 2 months. Verdict?

You take my Treo away I will hunt you down! Basically I am addicted to it.

My key uses of the Treo are in no particular order:

  • Phone
  • SMS client
  • Calendar
  • To Do list
  • Contact manager
  • Work email device
  • Personal email device
  • IM client
  • Mobile web browser
  • Twitter client
  • Facebook client
  • Camera
  • Notepad
  • Shopping list
  • Alarm clock

Why have I become so connected to my Treo? Several reasons but the 2 key ones are speed and portability. On the speed front I have an HSDPA data plan which averages 600kbps to 1.5Mbps which is about the same as my ADSL connection. (For readers outside of Australia just accept that fact that our broadband is poor.) As for portability the Treo goes everywhere with me.

These two factors mean I can be productive anywhere and at anytime.

The downside of all this is I have significantly increased my continuous partial attention issue in my life. I have also started to do develop some very poor social habits, for example I can read email and twitter while I am in bed at any time of the day. If you follow my Twitter stream you will have seen some of my 4am tweets when I wake up :-).

I am now a very Bursty person.

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