The new wild west is your Second Life

Keen observers will have noticed that Second Life is a growing phenomenon with lots of opportunities in all sort of areas. The initial inhabitants of Second Life are/were pornography and gambling, gambling has recently been baned. Recently (last 12 months or so) corporations have been trying things out in Second Life, conferences have been run and a general process of learning what can we do with this new world.

However like the early internet (say pre 1998) you need to be careful. Cam Reilly from The Podcast Network explains his recent experience with regard to land rentals.

About three weeks ago, I rented my first land in Second Life with the idea of experimenting to see how TPN could use it to spend more time with our community. I rented the land from an avatar called Rich Bulloch (who also apparently goes by the avatar Dog Fargis).

All was fairly good until:-

This morning I found out that Rich Bulloch, who was renting the land himself from a Gigs Taggart, is behind in HIS rent and as a result, I’m getting evicted from my island. Gigs claims he hasn’t heard from Rich is over a week and Rich is way behind on his rent. So Gigs is evicting us! We can rent the land ourselves from Rich but he wants US$114 a MONTH. Remember I’ve already paid Rich about US$150 for SIX MONTHS. That’s a pretty big rental rise and way more than I had budgeted for.

This highlights how unregulated Second Life really is and that people and organisations wanting to get involved need to do their homework. Cam admits he did not do too much research as he wanted to learn by doing, but how many other corporations can afford the same process?

Another example of how wild Second Life is, Australia’s government owned broadcaster ABC had their island was destroyed by hackers earlier in 2007.

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