Felt like blogging, but the feeling passed

It is interesting the change Twitter has made to my mindset on blogging. I basically I think of something, think can I express the idea or even a portion of the idea in 140 characters. If yes it goes to Twitter, otherwise I turn to the blog.  Once I get to the blog I findContinue reading “Felt like blogging, but the feeling passed”

The new wild west is your Second Life

Keen observers will have noticed that Second Life is a growing phenomenon with lots of opportunities in all sort of areas. The initial inhabitants of Second Life are/were pornography and gambling, gambling has recently been baned. Recently (last 12 months or so) corporations have been trying things out in Second Life, conferences have been runContinue reading “The new wild west is your Second Life”

Calendar synchronisation

Long time readers will know I have been searching for the ultimate calendar synchronisation system to keep my Corporate calendar, sync’d with my mobile device (now Palm Treo 750), with my Google Calendars (multiple). This has become more important now as one of the Google Calendars is being used to coordinate who is looking afterContinue reading “Calendar synchronisation”

Getting me to help you recruit

Using LinkedIn for recruiting is not a new idea, actually using any social network software for recruiting is not new either. But I wonder what the success rate is? I suspect low. I have received lots of notes over the last few years from recruiters wanting to connect or looking for applicants, most I ignore.Continue reading “Getting me to help you recruit”

Educating HR on metrics & technology

As I mentioned a few days ago I have been asked to help re-write a topic in AHRI’s Professional Diploma of HR looking at measuring and reporting on the effectiveness of HR and selection and implementation of HRIS systems. Over the last few days I have been re-reading lots of books and articles I haveContinue reading “Educating HR on metrics & technology”