links for 2007-08-15

7 Reasons Why Virtual Worlds Are Like the Web Circa 1997 | Metaversed (tags: marketing SecondLife trends Web2.0 metaverse virtualworlds) Case-Notes from the Artsy Asylum: ZDNet’s Dennis Howlett Makes U Turn in Second Life (tags: SecondLife web2.0 learning virtualworlds) Main Page – Project VRM (tags: collaboration business web2.0 wiki work VRM identity)

Blasts from the Past

Over the last couple of days I have been looking for inspiration on what to blog about, so I started researching a couple of topics on communication, collaboration and employee engagement. Funny enough I found some of my old posts, so I thought instead of writing something new I would give you “5 Blasts fromContinue reading “Blasts from the Past”

Justifying Social Networks?

UPDATE: I changed the title as I hated it, don’t even like the new one but it is better. For some of my new readers I suspect this post is a bit “old-skool” in style. Jason Corsello from The Human Capitalist blog wrote an interesting piece the other day proposing that maybe HR could shepherdContinue reading “Justifying Social Networks?”