Technology is still failing to meet the needs of HR

Sorry this is a major rant, I don’t have time to fully explore the whole issues but I had to blog about it anyway. Watson Wyatt Worldwide released a press statement overnight that concerns me greatly and leaves me to believe that either their research is wrong or technology has fundamentally let down HR overContinue reading “Technology is still failing to meet the needs of HR”

Happy 3rd Blogoversary and reflections.

Today it is 3 years since I started my blog over on Blogger, before moving it to my own domain name using WordPress. Over those 3 years I have written 1,012 post and had 1,054 real comments, not to mention several hundred thousand spam comments! Although the Blogger blog was not my first entrance intoContinue reading “Happy 3rd Blogoversary and reflections.”

links for 2007-06-13

iTWire – IT graduates harder to find says CSC boss Australia’s shortage of IT graduates is impacting business and causing the Immigration Dept to change the visa rules (tags: jobs graduates recruitment employement immigration)