Is privacy a C level concern?

Privacy of your employee and customer data should be one of the top priorities of any board for any organisation. However sometimes C level exec’s are more interested in things right in front of them, like this quarters sales or the new product introduction.

To get them to pay attention you sometimes need to be a bit smart at getting the issue on table. James Governor points to a post by Michelle Dennedy from where she lists 10 tips from Scott McNealy. As Michelle says, I don’t “recommend anyone tries these at home, but they are pretty funny to imagine” the next C level meeting afterwards.

Top 10 Ways to Make Privacy a CEO-Level Concern

10. Show him his daughter’s MySpace page
9. Tell him the external auditors lost his personal data (on a laptop)
8. Install a hum generator in his handset
7. Pre-text his phone list– okay maybe not such a great idea
6. Update his Wikipedia posting
5. Publish his recent Netflix orders (assuming your CEO would be embarrassed)
4. Tell him you lost the corporate archives
3. Re-route his security camera to YouTube
2. Remove sticky notes, with his passwords, from his computer screen
1. Spend $1,000 to do a security check on him

Fat blogging and employees

Jason Calacanis a while back decided to loose some weight, coined the term fat blogging, registered the domain and got a few overweight geeks to join in to loose those kilos (pounds if you are still old-school).

Over the last 6-9 months I have gone through my own weight loss program. I needed to reduce my cholesterol and losing weight is a part of that process. I have lost about 10 kg or 22 lb, about the same a Jason is looking for so I thought I might share what I did.

  1. Take lunch from home
  2. 2 days a week lunch is a salad sandwich, wholemeal bread no butter, salt or pepper just the taste of the salad
  3. 2-3 days a week tinned tuna with pita bread/corn thins/vita wheats
  4. Occasionally splash out and have roast beef sandwich, again wholemeal bread no butter, salt or pepper just the taste of the beef
  5. Reduced portions at dinner
  6. Eating fresh fruit and a muesli bar for breakfast
  7. Mixed (unsalted) nuts for mid morning snack
  8. Exercise a few times a week, nothing major walk, cycle, weights, windsurf, chores just do something, oh and some crunches.

Result: lost 10 kg, dropped 36″ waist (91 cm) to 32″ (81cm), stopped snoring and feeling better.

Promoting weight loss is a great idea in any organisation as you will have both happier and healthier employees.

Jobster,, Cheezhead pile on

Joel Cheezman has stirred up a hornets nest asking “Is Jason Goldberg killing Jobster?” There is some very heated debate going, with what looks like death threats, don’t we learn!!

Joel will be posting a follow up in the next couple of days after he gets some facts which will be interesting.

My view is there are a lot of people who have been impacted both personally and professionally by Jobster, their growth and growing pains. Did they raise too much money, probably. Are they a bit confused in direction, possibly.

Right now Jobster looks like a teenager going through puberty and turning into an adult as all teenagers they are doing dumb things and smart things, getting hurt and hurting others. I hope that the get through this period and emerge an adult possibly in a different form but at least they get through the changes and don’t end up a statistic or worse the poster child of the Web 2.0 bust.

As for Jason Davis leaving again a sad thing but not unexpected you can’t over the long term have multiple entrepreneurs in a single company.

Jobster needs to focus on it’s core business helping recruiters fill jobs with high quality candidates. The how is the secret sauce that will be if they succeed or fail. And YES social networks are part of that sauce they always have been. needs to determine it’s core business. To me it needs to be either the entry point into the recruiter side of Jobster or a communication portal for recruiters on the internet. You can’t be half pregnant.

Did You Know video follow up post

A couple of weeks I posted about a video called “Did You Know“, the video has done the rounds on blogs but few people (that I have seen) been able to point out the source.

Today via SoulSoup I found the source of the video, the original presentation and the source documents for the statistics.

The original presentation came from Karl Fisch, he provides some background on how the presentation came to life.

Karl has also posted the sources, note in his original post he makes updates to some of the content based on not being able to find an independent source.

Scott Mcleod put the video together that many of us have seen, and in the process making some changes from the original presentation.

You can also find 2 other presentations done by Karl “What If” and “2020 Vision” along with the profound posts that go with, What If and 2020 Vision.What If covers the age old question of back in my day…, and how all this new technology is ruining our children 😉

2020 Vision looks back at our future from the year 2020, it is fictional and contains predictions. Some great food for thought for all educators, parents, training professionals and even IT managers.

Oh and I really want an eyeMAGINE!

Jason Davis is leaving

A few days ago Jason Davis announced that he was moving on from  An end on an era if you ask me.

I have been reading since October 2005, about 2.5 years a reasonably long time.

The question is really where to now for  Cheezhead has a great list of options, I don’t agree with them all but they are a great start.  Personally I feel has lost it’s way a bit, but have not formulated my thoughts enough to share.