The 9 year old and the future

Over the weekend our 9 year old expressed an interesting in getting Google Reader setup on his PC as he wanted to read stuff like Dad. This got me thinking again about what he and his generation will expect in a technology sense from their employers when he enters the workforce in 10-12 years. HisContinue reading “The 9 year old and the future”

Twitter is it evil or can it be used for good

(Warning I am not sure this post is fully thought out, yet) For the folks at Twitter, SXSW must have felt like a debutante ball with all of the fuss being made over their little baby. I have been a user of Twitter since November, actually I started on the same day as Scoble, wellContinue reading “Twitter is it evil or can it be used for good”

Are you dependent on others at work then Co-Working might be for you

We all know there is growing trend of lone-rangers and consultants floating around the employment market and everything is pointing to this trend continuing. One of the biggest issues with going it alone has always been the cost of setting up your own office, which is why so many work at home. Working at home,Continue reading “Are you dependent on others at work then Co-Working might be for you”

One hour that could save your life

Ok the title might be attention grabbing but the cause is worth it. There is a movement up in Sydney called EarthHour and the idea is for 1 hour everyone in Sydney should turn off all of their lights. It is being supported by the World Wildlife Foundation Australia and The Sydney Morning Herald (aContinue reading “One hour that could save your life”