Superbowl ads, and social medai

I don’t get what is with the SuperBowl ads, maybe it is just because I am not in the US.  Yes occasionally there are great ads, remember 1984, but most seem to be a huge waste of money for already established brands. At US$2.5mil + for 30 seconds there are better ways of getting the publics’ attention, anyone heard of social media?

Michael Arrington points out 6 startups who can’t (or won’t) pay for their ads at the SuperBowl, so instead they are on YouTube. Which by the way is where the real ads will be soon as well.  To me a much better investment.
What with the insane money that is being paid to CEO’s, bonuses for top executives, and let’s not forget board members who get paid to turn up to a few meetings, add in the money being spent on traditional advertising there is a lot of money being spent on things that many consider does not producing a great ROI.

How about some of that money goes to better causes? Under unprivileged education, hiring the unemployed, climate change. Take your pick.  The attention gained in the long term from doing one of these things is far greater than a SuperBowl ad

Just a Monday morning thought/rant, I am not alone either.

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