Vista security issue

Well it looks like the first of the Vista security issues are starting to surface, now I just need to wait for SP1 before deployment.  I need to also review the BBspot’s Vista upgrade decision process to make my final decision :-).
Oh, and in other tech news Apple and Cisco decide the only ones who will win a legal battle over the iPhone name are the lawyers to they agree to talk further.

2 thoughts on “Vista security issue

  1. I’m waiting for SP2. Then… and only then I might buy it.

    PS been sailing lately? I broke a rib. two weeks before the wedding. great.

  2. Been sailing last weekend, well to be honest it was more trying to drown myself, 25-28 knots with chop just not my sort of fun! Wanted to try this weekend but I don’t think the wind gods are playing nice.

    Bummer about the rib!

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