Cisco enters the social networking market

In an interesting move last week Cisco announced that it was acquiring Five Across, a social networking “in-a-box” company designed for the corporate environment.  The company will be rolled into Cisco’s Media Solutions Group headed by Dan Scheinman. On the surface this is a strange move as what does a data networking company need withContinue reading “Cisco enters the social networking market”

Job Search Affiliate according to Chris Pirillo

I am amazed at how cool job sites have become in the last few months, it seems you are not part of the in crowd unless you have a job site!  I have been wondering what the benefit is to the job seeker having to go to all of these sites to find a job. Continue reading “Job Search Affiliate according to Chris Pirillo”

What jobs were hard to fill in January?

A couple of days ago I received the Seek Employment Index report for January 2007, a good read if you are a recruiter or job seeker. First up the Seek Employment Index rose by 1 pont, non adjusted, not bad. Which is interesting given that job ads actually decresed by 3.7% since December??? With NSWContinue reading “What jobs were hard to fill in January?”