Yahoo pipes

I have been meaning to get into Yahoo’s new tool Pipes for a while and have just not found the time because a tool like this has the ability to change the face of the web as we know it.

My first reaction when it was launched was “How can I apply this to the HR/Recruitment space?” Obvious place is jobs and candidates. My recent discussions with Kevin Howard from Jobs in HR, started me thinking could I with Yahoo Pipes create my own vertical search tool for jobs?
So over the last week or so I have made some time. My thoughts.

  • Yahoo Pipes is not for the feint hearted
  • You need to be at least part geek to even get going
  • It is far more powerful than you first think
  • When will the first company be launched using Yahoo Pipes as the development platform, I am not even sure the TOS allow it but an interesting thought
  • Way cool AJAX web 2.0 application, they have set the benchmark for anyone who is looking to build a web application today

So my first attempt at a Pipe is my blog’s feed in pictures from Flickr. This one takes the feed identifies major tags in the content and then looks up photos on Flickr that match. Cute but it will not change the world. The RSS feed is also available.

So what about something more useful? Local Jobs in Melbourne? I have taken Google Base, Seek, MyCareer (IT Only as they don’t allow you to browse all jobs in a single location), CareerOne as inputs, sorted by Industry and Posting Date. The result as an RSS feed of jobs from these sources.

What about user defined search criteria? Here is one that allows you to enter the state (abbreviation) and city in Australia to find jobs.

As I play with the tool further I am going to see what sort of Recruiter tools could be built with the service.

Management training

Personally I love the week long residential training programs that all companies seem to send employees on.  I’m not sure if it is the getting out of real work, although the work builds up while you are gone, the learning, the social interaction or what.  Most of the programs tend to focus on fairly common topics with just enough customisation to ensure the trainers can charge a fortune :-).

Anyways Frank Arrigo is off on the Microsoft version and he has been asked to submit 4 adjectives from his colleagues that describe him.  A great way of getting feedback, if people are honest to you.  I’m sure he is going to get fantastic feeback.
What happens if a peer describes you as an ego maniac, a narcissist, a push over, slack bastard, political animal you know what I mean.

Feed stat’s

For the first time in a few weeks I checked how many of you were actually subscribed to this blog.
I was also wondering has the recent inclusion in Google Reader statistics increased the number of reported readers, assuming it will not decrease them.  The numbers have jumped up by 23%!  The break down of RSS readers use is:-

  • Bloglines 29%
  • Google Reader 23%
  • Newgator Online 13%
  • Rojo 8%
  • My Yahoo 7%
  • Not reported 2%
  • Others 17%

Shows me that web based readers are still the most popular method of consuming feeds.  When will Google pass Bloglines as the primary tool used?

Cisco enters the social networking market

In an interesting move last week Cisco announced that it was acquiring Five Across, a social networking “in-a-box” company designed for the corporate environment.  The company will be rolled into Cisco’s Media Solutions Group headed by Dan Scheinman.

On the surface this is a strange move as what does a data networking company need with a social networking company, while they both build networks they are very different sorts of networks?  Dan Scheinman provides some insight with his statement “With the acquisition of Five Across, Cisco is taking an important step towards helping its customers evolve their website experience into something more relevant and valuable to the end-user.”

In looking at the summary feature set of the Five Across Connect 1.8 Community Builder product we get a bit more of an understanding where this could be heading.

“Connect 1.8 Community Builder provides users familiar interactive tools including blogs, group discussions, photos, audio and video podcasts, design tools and more.”
By integrating these community features into a Unified Communications platform you can start to see something building, add linkages with call centre software, and CRM things get more interesting.

But to be honest I feel this is acquisition is a bit like putting a square peg in a round hole, bits will get lost in the process.

3GSM Conference

If you are interested in mobile communications the place to be is Barcelona at the 3GSM World Congress, all the kids on the block will be there. Of course Nortel will be there, watch for announcements on WiMAX MIMO and other 4G technologies.

Some interesting things that you might not know:-

Job Search Affiliate according to Chris Pirillo

I am amazed at how cool job sites have become in the last few months, it seems you are not part of the in crowd unless you have a job site!  I have been wondering what the benefit is to the job seeker having to go to all of these sites to find a job.  I know the idea is not that they go there specifically but they happen to see a job while on the affiliate site, but really does it work?  For me this model only works for a couple of very high profile sites, Arrington.
Chris Pirillo (who seems to be thinking like me), provides a good run down of what is wrong with affiliate programs with his post Job Search Affiliate Programs :-

Job search / job listings are a commodity – to an extreme degree. I could plug anybody’s URL for a year and maybe eke out one new customer and make a few bucks in affiliate revenue. These things simply DO NOT WORK without a hook, and hooks do not apply if everybody’s given the same set of tools. This is one of the reasons why having an API is a great start – but don’t leave those of us without extra developer cycles hanging.

He then provides the job seeker an alternative:-

You can generate RSS job searches through a single TagJag OPML pull: (obviously, you’d want to replace the word ‘keyword’ with your own search term. I think I’ve uncovered just about every job search site that outputs RSS for search queries (if I’m missing any, please let me know).

The growth of our planet and it’s impact

Just watched an eye opening video called “Did you Know“, thanks to Des Paroz for the link.  Not sure who put it together, what it is for or even if all the statistics are right but worth a watch even so.  I suspect the information is fairly accurate and most would be accepted as common knowledge.
Implications of the content are fairly huge, so snippits:-

  • if you are 1 in a million in China there are 1,300 others just like you
  • the 25% of China population with the highest IQ is larger than the total population of North America
  • US Dept of Labor estimates that today average learner will have 10 to 14 jobs by the time they are 38
  • 1 out of 4 workers today have worked for their current employers for less than 1 year
  • More than 1 in 2 have worked there for less than 5 years
  • By 2010 the most in demand jobs did not exist in 2004.
  • and I love this out is MySpace were a country it would be the worlds 11th largest!

Profound impacts on education, management and recruitment.

What jobs were hard to fill in January?

A couple of days ago I received the Seek Employment Index report for January 2007, a good read if you are a recruiter or job seeker.

First up the Seek Employment Index rose by 1 pont, non adjusted, not bad. Which is interesting given that job ads actually decresed by 3.7% since December??? With NSW and Queensland having the biggest falls. The year on year figures increases by 18.9% which is a positive sign.

Now the fun part. Which jobs were hard to fill and which were the most competitive.

Hard to Fill

  1. Legal (Solicitor)
  2. Healthcare & Medical (Radiology/Sonography)
  3. Healthcare & Medical (Nursing/Midwives)
  4. Insurance & Superannuation (Broking)
  5. Construction (Estimating)

Most Competitive

  1. Transport & Logistics (Freight Forwarding)
  2. Call Centre/Cust. Service (Call Centre Operator)
  3. Manufacturing/Operations (Process Workers)
  4. Hospitality & Tourism (Kitchen/Sandwich Hand)
  5. Retail & Consumer Prods. (Retail: Sales Assistant)

You’ll find jobs in London at Canary Wharf