Tech news flash – Vista is available, move on

For the next few days most of the tech news will be able Vista and its assocaited products, yawn.  There has been so much press for Vista in the last few months I have had enough.  Let’s just skip the first couple of months to get over the security updates, compatibility issues, hardware upgrades etcContinue reading “Tech news flash – Vista is available, move on”

Using Twittering for your job hunt

We have had a sacking being announced via Twitter, now job ads. Gian is looking for an accessibility expert for a bit of work so she advertised it via her circle of friends on Twitter:- “Gian: anyone in Melbourne available for two weeks accessibility work?”  Twitter is just another network of contacts you can useContinue reading “Using Twittering for your job hunt”

The windsurfer and user experience

This post is part rant and part non-rant about two topics that I feel passionate about. First up windsurfing (which becomes skiing during the winter months but that is another story), and the second user experience. First up, I was windsurfing again yesterday, 20 knots winds from the south to south west, a bit likeContinue reading “The windsurfer and user experience”

Cisco Sues Apple Wow who would have guessed!

As I said yesterday the lawyers will be busy over the next few days. Obviously things weren’t all that sweet with the Apple/Cisco relationship, Cisco is now suing over the iPhone. The thing is forget the legal definitions most of the world sees Apple as already owning the iPhone brand given the iMac, iPod, iTVContinue reading “Cisco Sues Apple Wow who would have guessed!”