Don’t listen to the Global Geek Podcast!

I warn you just don’t listen to the Global Geek Podcast #30 if you want to keep you your productivity. On the show they speak briefly about a little site called Swivel.

What can be so bad about one site! It is so addictive it should be outlawed. To quote the Swivel web site “Swivel is a Web site for curious people to explore data.” Essentially you can upload any data and compare it to any other publicly available data on the site, then create really nice graphs. They make money by allowing you to sign up to keep your data private, you can still compare your data to everyone else’s public data.

Overall a very interesting tool with huge potential that take user generated content to the extreme. Right no not a huge amount of HR/Recruiting related data but I can see opportunities for organisations to open source their data to allow major mashups.

My only complaint is the site can get a little slow at times, I also wish when you saved changes to your data it did not default back to the overview page again.

My Xbox playing nicely – sort of

Well, I can now stream video’s from my Windows XP PC to my XBox using the Windows Media Connect product.  I can only assume when Microsoft annouced the video download service they changed something to allow this!  Very happy.

However I have learnt tonight that you cannot stream unprotected AAC files using Windows Media Connect and that sucks!  I own this music and therefore I should be able to choose how I use it!  But thanks a little post over at I have found an easy way to convert my unprotected AAC files into MP3s.  The question now is do I have enought disc space to complete the conversion?

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Today was W-Day

Yes I did it, I went windsurfing for the first time in over 2 years. I had a blast but felling very unfit.

Got the board, sail, boom and the gear down on our new trolley. The whole process took a good 2.5hrs set up, sailing, pull down, unpack, clean up. Spent about 45-60mins in the water, which for day 1 is good, most of the time just trying to get my water starts going.

The atmosphere down at Elwood beach is relaxed, all the other windsurfers are very friendly and seem to know each other.

Next weekend I hope to get out as well, maybe Saturday.

Back to windsurfing

When we moved down to Melbourne from Sydney one of the things I brought was my windersurfer. In the 2 years we have been here I have not yet got it out, for one reason or another.

Anyway now we are 100m from Elwood Beach and I have no real excuse, other than no wet suit and I need some lessons. The other day I read on Tom Reynolds blog that he was getting back into Windsurfing and after exchanging a couple of emails he put me on to RPS The BoardStore where he use to give lessons.

Well today I bought a wet suit, a trolley, and spoke to Adrian who runs the lessons who suggests I spend a couple of weeks getting back into it before we hook up for a lesson.

Now I am set, tomorrow is the day!