Election Campaigns and Enterprise 2.0

Overnight John Edwards used YouTube as one of the means to announce his candidacy for the US Presidential elections. John Edwards has been using the internet and social/new media (podcasts, videocasts) for a while now so this is no surprise. For me this indicates a “tipping point” in the acceptance of “new media” and I predict we will see an even bigger take up of these tools in 2007 than we did in 2006.

I have been following a number of conversations in the closing days of 2006 on Enterprise 2.0 and the New Presence both of which will have profound impact on our organisations, similar to the social changes that have been taking place in the last couple of years in the consumer space.

However I also feel that 2007 is going to be a year of consolidation for the consumer facing tools and services, many will be absorbed and some will go out of business. How many social networking tools do we really need, and why won’t they use the standards in place to help us transport our data between services? How many blogs can support job boards effectively? Will Google supplant all other vertical search engines finally? (I have been hoping for this one for 2 years now.)
All I can only hope that the vendors in the Enterprise 2.0 space learn and try to jump over some of the same hurdles and not run straight into them.

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