The post Christmas relax

I am sitting here at my mother’s in Sydney, unlimited WiFi, the cricket on, and generally catching up on things.  Been reading my feeds.  Catching up on some books.  Researching a new digital camera as a little present for the grown ups in the house.  It is great to relax after a busy few days catching up with the family for Christmas.
The weather is very nice and makes we kind of wish I had my windsurfer and could get out to work off a few Christmas pounds.  In the meantime I will have to do with some pictures and videos from Winsurfing The East End and The Peconic Puffin.

One thought on “The post Christmas relax

  1. Happy New Year, Michael! We’re getting plenty of sailing in early this winter…maybe the only thing that global warming is good for.
    I’m hoping to get back into my heavy wetsuit on Saturday and give you more to read.

    working off the Christmas pounds in New York,

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