5 things about me

Des Paroz has tagged me, so it is time to join in on the latest meme going around.  Here are five things you might not know about me.

  1. Born in Sydney to English parents.
  2. Lived in Pupa New Guinea when I was a little tacker while my father worked on one of his archaeological digs.
  3. Don’t really like lollies (candy for our international readers), chocolates and deserts, unless it it Sticky Date Pudding, Lemon Morang Pie or dark chocolate at least 70% coco!
  4. I wear reading glasses and hope as time goes on this doesn’t turn into all-time wearing of glasses.
  5. I was a Queen’s Scout and built a 5 minute HyperCard multimedia presentation using a Mac SE30 as part of my final activities.

Now time to tag for five other bloggers Double Dubs, Jason Davis, Mark Evans, Richard Giles, Kim Cameron.

Election Campaigns and Enterprise 2.0

Overnight John Edwards used YouTube as one of the means to announce his candidacy for the US Presidential elections. John Edwards has been using the internet and social/new media (podcasts, videocasts) for a while now so this is no surprise. For me this indicates a “tipping point” in the acceptance of “new media” and I predict we will see an even bigger take up of these tools in 2007 than we did in 2006.

I have been following a number of conversations in the closing days of 2006 on Enterprise 2.0 and the New Presence both of which will have profound impact on our organisations, similar to the social changes that have been taking place in the last couple of years in the consumer space.

However I also feel that 2007 is going to be a year of consolidation for the consumer facing tools and services, many will be absorbed and some will go out of business. How many social networking tools do we really need, and why won’t they use the standards in place to help us transport our data between services? How many blogs can support job boards effectively? Will Google supplant all other vertical search engines finally? (I have been hoping for this one for 2 years now.)
All I can only hope that the vendors in the Enterprise 2.0 space learn and try to jump over some of the same hurdles and not run straight into them.

You’ll find physician jobs on The Recruiter.com.

The post Christmas relax

I am sitting here at my mother’s in Sydney, unlimited WiFi, the cricket on, and generally catching up on things.  Been reading my feeds.  Catching up on some books.  Researching a new digital camera as a little present for the grown ups in the house.  It is great to relax after a busy few days catching up with the family for Christmas.
The weather is very nice and makes we kind of wish I had my windsurfer and could get out to work off a few Christmas pounds.  In the meantime I will have to do with some pictures and videos from Winsurfing The East End and The Peconic Puffin.

Digg launches new version

Digg has launched a new version over the last 24 hours, it now includes the ability to Digg multimedia content such as video and podcasts.   Huge coverage all over the place in summary:-

Interface Design, Digg Goes Widescreen
We’ve gone from a fixed width layout to a flexible one allowing you to make use of your screen real-estate on larger monitors. Navigation has also been moved to the top allowing you to quickly switch between sections.

Top 10 Stories/Videos
Digg stories move fast, so we’ve created a quick view of the top 10 hottest on Digg, updated in real time. This list changes as other stories accelerate in Diggs – so make sure to check it often. Think of this as your quick pulse of what’s hot in any given section.

Videos Enhancements
Aside from giving Videos their own position in the top navigation, we have added a couple cool features: Top 10 hottest videos, and on-Digg video previews. Simply click any video with a play icon to get lightbox window in which you can preview and Digg the video.

Now you can Digg your favorite podcast series and individual podcast episodes. Not only can you see a list of the most popular podcasts by section, you can also dive into any individual podcasts to see the most Dugg individual episodes. And don’t forget – every time you Digg a podcast or podcast episode that is bookmarked in your profile and shared with your friends.

Profile Enhancements
Now quickly jump between your Dugg News, Videos, or Podcasts. With three separate sections we make it easy to sort through your own Diggs or the Diggs from your friends using the friends tab.

Great new features, but it seems the Add Podcast feature is broken, which is a pity as many of the podcasts I listen to are not listed and I wanted to add them.

Sunday 17 Dec 2006 – Water start day!

Just back from another windsurfing session about 1.5 hours today in 15-20 knot winds and I got my water starts nailed!  Even got the board up to a plane a few times and was brave enough to go out from shore beyond standing depth, cause I can now get home.

Lots of fun, can’t wait until next time!  Which due to travel plans will probably not be until 2007!

More windsurfing

Yesterday was day 2 of windsurfing, and a fairly poor one at that, for me at least. Too much wind to control the sail. Went out too late and the wind was already hoving at around 20 knots, gusting up to 25-30 (probably not but it felt like that!). Got in a few good (ok every things is relative) water starts but did not want to stray too far from land, but that meant I was knocked about by the waves a far bit. Gave up after a hour.

Today waiting for a bit more wind, just not too much, 9 knots now at St Kilda but 15 on the other side of the bay. Figure I need a constant 15 knots.

Voting in the Recruiting.com Awards

I have been ignoring the HR blogosphere for the last couple of months, partially by accident and partially on purpose. In the last couple of days I noticed that the 2006 Best Recruiting Blog awards are on, strangely enough I am not nominated this year but I think I know why :-).

Anyway enough about me and onto the awards. This year the categories are gone and you get to choose your top 5 blogs and then the overall winner will be selected by an esteemed group of judges, Michael Keleman, Jim Durbin, Heather Hamilton, Joel Cheesman, David Manaster, Harry Joiner and of course Jason Davis.

Looking through the nominations myself I see some of the best blogs out there on HR and recruiting, which is a testament to the owners of the blogs and to Jason for pulling this all together.

Unfortunately as is seeming to happen a lot within blogs these days commercial interests seem to taking over and detracting from the content. But it seems people have been spamming each other trying to solicit votes in these awards! Luckily I have not been on the receiving end of these emails, or maybe I have but don’t realize as I tend to delete if I don’t know the send or like the first sentence.
What do people hope to achieve by being named Best Recruiting Blog 2006? Will the fame provide them with inspiration for better content, or peer recognition?

Or is it just more traffic, more speaking engagements, higher consulting fees and just a plan grab for dollars? I feel for Jason and his team as I am sure this is not what they anticipated.

I am not say people should not post to say that they have been nominated and to get your readers to vote. But in any popularity contest the people with the biggest mailing lists win, which is why having the judges is a great idea.

Qantas being sold and their web site goes down

Went to book a hotel room through Qantas and well I can’t:-

An error occurred while processing your request.

Reference #102.2c8fc7d.1166082445.1dc9160

I hope this is not a sign of things to come now they are being sold off

UPDATE : The site is still down, I wonder what is going on.

UPDATE 2: Qantas you are still down, sorry we booked with WebJet and not with the Vibe Savoy, instead the Hotel Lindrum.

New Whooiz Widget

Just saw this post from the guys at Whooiz, they are giving away a Wii so I had to join in.

We are giving away a Nintendo Wii and all you have to do to win one is create your wHooiz profile and install a wHooiz blog widget on your blog it’s that simple.

If you don’t already have a whooiz profile go here to create one http://www.whooiz.com/Signup.aspx

So I already had a profile (its a bit poor) and now I have the widget on the side of my blog.  Clarke, drop me an email and I will send you my shipping address for the Wii 😉