Election Campaigns and Enterprise 2.0

Overnight John Edwards used YouTube as one of the means to announce his candidacy for the US Presidential elections. John Edwards has been using the internet and social/new media (podcasts, videocasts) for a while now so this is no surprise. For me this indicates a “tipping point” in the acceptance of “new media” and IContinue reading “Election Campaigns and Enterprise 2.0”

My link blog

Over the last couple of weeks I have been using Google Readers share function as a bit of a link blog.  If you want to see what is interesting me in my feeds you can come along for the ride either via a browser or feed.

Voting in the Recruiting.com Awards

I have been ignoring the HR blogosphere for the last couple of months, partially by accident and partially on purpose. In the last couple of days I noticed that the 2006 Best Recruiting Blog awards are on, strangely enough I am not nominated this year but I think I know why :-). Anyway enough aboutContinue reading “Voting in the Recruiting.com Awards”