15 Outlook keyboard shortcuts

Below is my list of Top 15 Outlook keyboard shortcut (for Windows), specifically in the interests of supporting GTD.  The list was inspired/based on TechRupublic’s recent post about keyboard shortcuts and David Allen’s eBook on Implementing GTD in Outlook

  1. Alt-Tab – Switch between open applications, probably the most under used shortcut within Windows
  2. <Ctrl+Shift> k – opens new task
  3. <Ctrl+Shift> n – opens new note
  4. <Ctrl+Shift> m – opens new email
  5. <Ctrl+Shift> c – opens new contact
  6. <Ctrl+Shift> a – opens new appointment
  7. <Ctrl+Shift> e – creates a new email folder
  8. <Ctrl+Shift> i – moves you to the email inbox
  9. <Ctrl+Shift> b – opens your address book
  10. <Alt> g – opens Category list dialog for a Task, Appointment or Contact, fantastic for GTD users
  11. <Alt> s – saves a Task, Appointment, Contact, Note or email
  12. <Alt> i – Find, if you don’t use a Desktop search tool
  13. <Alt> y – all day event
  14. <Alt> r – adds/removes reminder, useful when creating an all day event
  15. <Alt> F1 – show or hide the Outlook Navigation bar

(Ok I know you usually do a top 10 but I needed 15 to fit everything in!)

5 thoughts on “15 Outlook keyboard shortcuts

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  2. My fav has always been Control-F, which will FORWARD one of your contacts to someone else.

    You have to be in that contact, or have it selected in the contacts view, and then it creates a new e-mail with the vcard as an attachment.

  3. Can you please help me out, what is the keyboard shortcut for sending an email
    Thanks Debbie

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