TPN Dinner

Last night I was able to get out to the TPN Dinner here in Melbourne, the Upcoming details are here.

Cameron was in full swing, maybe one too many coffees in the day, Father Bob made a brief appearance, Martin from the Travel Show, Of course Rich Giles was there, along with Kate, Miriam, Matt, Tony, Rich (Stock market Rich, do you have a web site?) and a couple of others I do not get to meet.

We all had photos taken with Cam’s red glasses (I am sure they will be on Flickr soon), Cam had the Video camera going which means there might be a video podcast.  Lots of Sake was had and looking at some of the posts floating around lots of fun was had by all.

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How not to recruit Jeremy Zawodny, or anyone else for that matter

Jeremy Zawodny, Yahoo geek and blogger received an email from a recruiter inviting him to apply for jobs to work for their company.  The email had the exact opposite effect.

Where should I begin with this?

  1. You “sourced” my resume? Is that lame recruiter speak for “I was punching buzzwords into Google when I ran across your resume…”?
  2. You were impressed enough with my resume (found on my own web site) to send email (with an obvious typo in it, no less), yet you felt it necessary to warn me that cut and paste might be necessary to find your web site? How insulting!
  3. Your jobs site sucks. I looked. Have you even tried it yourself?
  4. Why do I have to do all the work? You’ve read my resume and contacted me. Yet I’m supposed to start from scratch, search your listings, create a profile, and then contact you. Are you kidding? You interrupted my day in an attempt to get me to switch jobs. You’ve certainly wasted no time trying to put me to work!
  5. I never expressed an interest in Company X.

Recruiters you are doing yourself and the whole industry a disservice if you continue to act in the way highlighted by Jeremy.  Please follow Jeremy’s advice:-

Here’s a helpful hint to all Big Company recruiters out there. Before you contact someone, try putting yourself in their shoes first. Do your tactics even make sense?

A podcast with my son

I have been listening to podcasts since early November 2004, the first Australian Podcast I found was G’Day World.  Yesterday while driving home I was listening to Accident Hash 175 with my son and CC Chapman made a comment such as “anyone can get into podcasting”.  My son looked at me a said “Can they?  Don’t you need to ask the government first?”, he just assumed that the government controlled everything (that is a total different story).  My answer was no, anyone can record a podcast and put it on the internet.

After a bit more discussion he asked, is it hard?  My answer, no most podcasts are created in living rooms and studies in people homes.  He was completely taken back, and said “Even Accident Hash and the Cranky Middle Manager?” (Cranky Middle Manager is his all time favourite podcast, yes Wayne even kids dig your show.) Yes they are!  What came out of his mouth next was quite a surprise.

“Well I am going to create my own podcast, will you help me?”

How could I say no.

We chatted a bit more on the way home.  He was set as soon as we got home he wanted to start recording and getting straight into it.

Once home we spent a bit of time going through the different pieces needed, microphone, recording software, place to host, ideas, and music.  While he went about getting his ideas together I got the pieces together on the PC.  So using Audacity, a $20, Altec headset we started recording.  Once part way through I asked him what we would call the show, “BJs Show” was the answer.

When my wife came home he explained what we were up to and proudly said “mum I am serious about this, I plan to create an episode once a week”.

A bit more work, we had registered the domain, installed WordPress, sources some music from the Podsafe Music Network.  Mixed it all together and after about 4 hours work from start to finish he has a podcast!

Ok it is not the best quality and will not win any production awards but he did it, with a bit of help.  Having said that here is the link to BJ’s Show #1!

Online Job Ads continue to rise

It seems online jobs ads are still on the rise in Australia.  The latest online job ad figures were released yesterday and they have increased again for the 8th month in a row. Bob Olivier, Director of Olivier Group is quoted at saying :-

“The rate of increase can’t be sustained forever, so we’ve actually seen it coming off slightly in the last quarter,” he said.

“But all things considered, when you’ve had interest rate rises in the last month and/or price rises, the fact we’ve got any growth at all is still remarkable.”

What I find just as interesting is the numbers only include the top 3 job boards (Seek, CareerOne and MyCareer), for example JobSearch, the Australian government job site has over 84,000 jobs when compared to Seek’s 135,000 jobs could significantly impact the Online Job Index.  Not to mention the vertical search tool with 263,000 jobs in Australia!

What about the “long tail” of online jobs ads in Australia?  Google Base has over 1,300, the NowHiring network of sites (1,100 on, 1,000 on, on 35, or JobsGarage or the very new FindIt (Pre-Beta and just getting going)?  What would all of these sites do to the numbers?

Croc Hunter Steve Irwin died

It is sad that Steve Irwin died yesterday his family, his animals and the environment will all be impacted by his passing. Steve died while filming a documentary on the deadliest animals in the sea, ironic in a morbid kind of way. Apparently he had no chance of surviving the sting ray puncture to his lung.

There a two aspects of this story that are a bit out there. Firstly there a calls for him to have a state funeral to honour him and secondly as of 7am 5 Sept 2006 (AEST), the 3 of the top 6 searches on Technorati relate to Steve Irwin, on gnoos 1 out of the top 5 searches and 3 out of the toip 5 tags are about him. Even Yahoo search has 1,200 references to “steve irwin death”, in less than 24 hours!

The guy was popular!

Are we in an echo chamber?

An issue facing the tech blogosphere is that many people both internal and external to it claim that the blogosphere is just an echo chamber and nothing new comes out.

From my limited view point I do not think that the HR blogosphere is an echo chamber, sometimes I feel that we need to link to each other more but that is for another time.

To ensure we do not end up an echo chamber have a look at Chris Pirillo’s 10 tips to eliminate the echo chamber effect.

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What is a good presentation?

I subscribe to Presentation Zen to find the latest and greatest trends in presentations. Some of the presentations they reference are fantastic others I don’t really relate to but I still stay subscribed. So today when I saw a couple of people referring to the Top 10 Presentations I was interested.

KnowHR have pulled together a great list of their top 10 presentations. If you don’t subscribe to Presentation Zen you definitely need to review these 10 (and even if you do).

(You still should subscribe to Presentation Zen 🙂 )