Words to avoid on your resume

Many job seekers have “resume in mouth” disease, that is they kill any chance of getting a job BEFORE they even get to the interview.  Typos, poor formatting, not focusing on what the hiring manager is looking for, and using the wrong language. TechRepublic wrote an article a couple of years ago, and created aContinue reading “Words to avoid on your resume”

The news still gets through

The Thai military have executed a very streamlined, and it seems peaceful coup, while the Thai PM is in the US speaking to the UN. While the military have taken control of television and radio you can still get some news online from independent sources through blogs via Technorati searches, and photos from Flickr, but strangelyContinue reading “The news still gets through”

Do you know where your candidates are?

Carve Consulting client Cerco had a problem, where are our available candidates? Cerco are a provider of IT consultants and needed to be able to fulfill client requests very quickly. So what did Carve Consulting do? They created a mashup of their candidate database with Google Maps! Registered clients can have CV’s delivered in one-click,Continue reading “Do you know where your candidates are?”

The long tail of job ads

Jorge posts a follow up on my post about online job ads continuing to rise.   I really like his summary:- My takeaways from this limping rant:Large is not a problem per-seNiche is not a panacea per-seDatabase Quality drives a sustainable revenue/business modelSite functionality and Price are two tools to mould publisher behaviorSite Functionality and content – bothContinue reading “The long tail of job ads”