Changes in the wind

I am playing with a few changes on the site over the next 2 days, so please excuse the mess and the broken bits. I think there might even be a new name coming for this little site as well, just not sure….

links for 2006-08-14

Cutting the cord to analog phone – Network World While in Australia we are struggling to get above 1.5Mbps broadband the Japanese are starting to get 100Mbps for about US$36/mth!! ADSL2+ is not really the answer if we want Australia to have high quality broadband based on international standards. (tags: Australia broadband telecommunications networking)

Social bookmarking and news

Over the last few weeks I have been playing around with the different social bookmarking/news sites, specifically Digg, Reddit, Netscape and to a lesser extend Newsvine. The strange thing is I am finding them quite addictive. A quick backgrounder if you are unfamiliar with these services. Essentially users submit stories, other users vote and comment,Continue reading “Social bookmarking and news”