Changes in the wind

I am playing with a few changes on the site over the next 2 days, so please excuse the mess and the broken bits.

I think there might even be a new name coming for this little site as well, just not sure….

Blogging for fun, profit or …?

Amitai Givertz is lamenting today about his lack of (??) success and how on earth his blog can get noticed out of the 50 million blogs now out there. The Recruiting Animal suggests quite rightly that while the blogosphere is very large, the audience for recruiting blogs is quite small.

The end result seems to be that Amitia decided to blog for himself, always a good move. (Amitia if you want to blog for profit you must subscribe to ProBlogger.)
There are lots of types of blogs and lots of reasons. There are 3 main types, link based, expert commentary and breaking news, of course most blogs are a mashup of all 3.

However there are more reasons than I can list as to why people blog, but the point being you must enjoy what you do and why you do it.

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Buying new skis

Even after one of the worse ski seasons on record here in Australia I am considering purchasing some new skis.  My current pair were bought in January 2000 on a very cold and snowy day in Ottawa (Canada that is).

I have been doing a bit of research and come up with my top 5 options:-

  1. Volkl Allstar
  2. Salomon Teneighty Foil
  3. Salomon Crossmax V12
  4. Head iXRC 1200 SW
  5. Dynastar Ski Cross 11

The Allstar is just that all class but comes at a price.

The Teneighty Foil are twin tips so they have the fun factor vote but not sure they will be the right sort fo ski for those days when all you want to do is go fast.

The Crossmax V12 don’t really standard out in the crowd.
The Head iXRC is meant to grip the groomed snow like an F1, which is good when going fast.

The Dynstar rocks on piste but the review have it struggling on bumps and off piste, not what I want.

Right now I am going to setup a few eBay watches just in case some pop up.

Guy Kawasaki causes a stir

Earlier in the week Guy Kawasaki caused a stir within the blogosphere with his post about How to Get a Job in Silicon Valley.

The biggest issue, the 1 page resume!

Gretchen from Job Syntax disagrees with this particular piece of advice.

So does Gautam Ghosh who provides a perspective from India, which echos much of Asia Pacific.

The rest of Guy’s post is great general advice regardless of where you interview. Jason Goldberg has picked out the key messages:-

  1. be passionate about the company you are interviewing with
  2. pitch yourself
  3. hate the competition
  4. expect to interview with wackos; prepare for all types
  5. get there early
  6. over dress
  7. nail the first question
  8. use the first interviewer to get the inside scoop
  9. remember, no one wants to train you. show you can hit the ground running
  10. take notes
  11. confess your sins; they will google you and find out anyway
  12. correct your bad answers in interviews
  13. prepare your list of 5 ways the company could improve
  14. come armed with references
  15. ask for the job

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links for 2006-08-15

Social bookmarking and news

Over the last few weeks I have been playing around with the different social bookmarking/news sites, specifically Digg, Reddit, Netscape and to a lesser extend Newsvine. The strange thing is I am finding them quite addictive.

A quick backgrounder if you are unfamiliar with these services. Essentially users submit stories, other users vote and comment, the stories with the most votes rise to the top and the result is twofold. Sites with stories on the front page tend to get LOTS of traffic and secondly stories on the front page reflect the “wisdom of the crowd” or in some cases shows the lack of wisdom.

I have previously posted about the Careers & Job channel on the Netscape site highlighting the poor quality of the content. However after playing with the different sites I figured out why the content was so poor. The reason the community was not participating, so I have started to participate! I am not sure the content is much better but at least I can say I have done my bit. Oh and one of my submitted stories has ended up as a top pick on the Netscape front page, pity it wasn’t back to this site.

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