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On my way to work this morning I was listening to Chris Pirillo talking to James Wen from Positive Motion, about their new tool called Mobile Prep a mobile phone flash card program.

Atf irst I was a bit skeptical about the product but listening to James and hearing his vision of how he wants to change mobile education I was very impressed.

The program allows users to create a desk of virtual flash cards and install them on their phone.  Easy enough.  From here the enterprising desk creator can earn money by selling their desk to other Mobile Prep users.  Very cool.

The tool also has built in quizzes with progress reports, this is where things got really interesting.  It could be extended into an eLearning platform.  Think, students finishing a class immediately download the next desk of cards, take the test and load the results back into the eLearning tool so the teacher knows what to focus on next lesson.
James also talked about the ability to build multi-demensional cards.  For example in the legal profession where you need to learn multiple facts about a single case, each type of fact is connected to a key on the mobile phone, case precedents are always connected to the 5 key.  This way you each time a new case is displayed you can test yourself on the different facts by pressing the same key on your phone.

The tool can be used for all sorts of learning, including professional development, CPD points and other certification processes.

The biggest issue?  Seems like the tool is only available on certain networks in the US, very sad.

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  1. I’m in Sydney and I was able to get Mobile Prep to work on my LG. It took a little effort but the folks over at Positive Motion were very helpful – I suspect there are some night owls there since I some of my enquiries were replied to almost immediately and it was daytime here in Oz. They told me they were not yet “officially” supporting overseas users at the moment but that they are actively supporting them anyway because they are planning to push things out to the overseas market “very soon” – whatever that means. Great app, by the way.

  2. Great to hear! I will have a look at the tool again. What sort of settings did you need to change to get it working?

    Also what are you planning to use Mobile Prep for?

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