Buying new skis

Even after one of the worse ski seasons on record here in Australia I am considering purchasing some new skis.  My current pair were bought in January 2000 on a very cold and snowy day in Ottawa (Canada that is).

I have been doing a bit of research and come up with my top 5 options:-

  1. Volkl Allstar
  2. Salomon Teneighty Foil
  3. Salomon Crossmax V12
  4. Head iXRC 1200 SW
  5. Dynastar Ski Cross 11

The Allstar is just that all class but comes at a price.

The Teneighty Foil are twin tips so they have the fun factor vote but not sure they will be the right sort fo ski for those days when all you want to do is go fast.

The Crossmax V12 don’t really standard out in the crowd.
The Head iXRC is meant to grip the groomed snow like an F1, which is good when going fast.

The Dynstar rocks on piste but the review have it struggling on bumps and off piste, not what I want.

Right now I am going to setup a few eBay watches just in case some pop up.

3 thoughts on “Buying new skis

  1. My wife has a pair of Volkl skis – the slalom racing ones. They’re very, very fast and are short enough to be controllable off-piste. The only issue is they can be a bit demanding.

  2. Andrew demanding is good! My current skis just don’t cut it anymore. We are off again next week for 5 days so I hope to try out some demos before I make a final decision.

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