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Welcome to Human Capital Magazine Readers

The latest Human Capital Magazine has published their article on blogging and HR which included the interview from Frank Arrigo. A good introduction to blogging and covers the fact that organisations needs to watch what is being said about them online, however it would of been good to direct readers to Technorati, IceRocket as well as Google Blogsearch and BlogSearchEngine.

They listed several recommended blogs, yours truely is included which is a fantastic honour! If you have arrived here via the article you should check out for a list of some fantastic HR related blogs.

On a related note Microsoft Australia should update their recruitment blog, (last update 19 April 2006) it was even mentioned in the article with a quote from Fiona Hathaway Microsoft ANZ Recruitment Manager.

Search London jobs at Canary Wharf

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TV Ads by Seek

Australian job board Seek has recently released 3 new ad for TV, you can view them online at a special site call Make Luck Happen (the tag line of the ads). The ads are also available on Google Video and I found one on YouTube, although in an emailing discussion with Leigh Hanney from Seek they all should be on YouTube soon.

Here is the Dictation 60 sec ad:-

Update:- I seem to be having a style issue with the embedded YouTube player.

It seems to be a trend for job boards to create TV ads and then place them on the internet, here is the ad.

You can loose the company brand because an employee leaves

The tech blogosphere is a buzz with the news that Amanda Congdon has left Rocketboom, just check out TechMeme or TechnoratiAmanda’s farewell video can also be seen.
Whatever the truth is behind the story if an employee is the brand of an organisation, retention of that employee is essentially protection of your brand!

Amanda is already getting job offers, (Via Ben Barren.) so expect to see her again very soon.

If you are an HR Manager and have a high profile employee who has turned into the companies brand you would do well to look at retention strategies and exit strategies in case they do leave.  Given you will be working with companies brand it would pay to speak to the marketing types as well.

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From to WordPress in one easy step

I am always amazed at the power popular bloggers have and the conversation they create. Back on 16 June 2005 I posted about getting my daily links posting directly to my blog, in an attempt to create a linkblog. I even posted to the WordPress forums about the setting I used and left it at that. Every now and then (about once every 3 or 4 days) I find some links that I feel are worth and add them to my account and they appear in my blog that evening.

Today I was reading up on how to increase traffic to your blog through a post of WordPress and SEO, one hint Update Your Blog Daily, with a link on how to set it up. I clicked and found Kevin Lim’s post From to WordPress: How to automatically post daily links. What struck me instantly was at the bottom of his post this “Hat tip to mspecht from the WordPress Support Forum. That’s me!

In looking at the post further Kevin has 186 responses to his post, and it has been viewed 18, 506 times! My post on the same subject, zero responses and viewed only a smaller percentage of times in comparison. His post appears 5th on Google for the search “daily posts to wordpress“, where as my post appears at number 24. Kevin also has a Technorati ranking of 3,463 to my 52,445.

Things I have learnt based on this experience:-

  • Traffic tends to make drive more traffic
  • My post title was very poor, something I tend to do quite often
  • I missed an opportunity to provide a “How To” on the topic
  • I completely missed Kevin’s initial post as I do not have a Technorati Watch List for the term mspecht
  • Just because no one responds to a post or idea does not make it void.

Things I Can Do

In a manner very similar to 43 Things and 43 Places Kinan has highlighted a new site called Things I Can Do as a potential Resume 2.0 tool.

While the tool is interesting it really only shows a portion of what a resume needs to cover. From JobWeb a resume is:-

a one or two page summary of your education, skills, accomplishments, and experience. Your resume’s purpose is to get your foot in the door. A resume does its job successfully if it does not exclude you from consideration.

Things I Can Do seems to only focus on the skills and excludes the accomplishments, experience and education.  It allows user to tag their skills provide a brief summary, maybe this could be used to highlight how the skills has been used, and allow people to rate and comment.
It is a good start on building out a framework for the online resume but seems to be focused more on the tagging concept than building an effective job seeking tool.