Are you one of the cool kids?

Hey you heard of coComment? A cool tool that allows you to stay in the conversation even on blogs that don’t allow you to subscribe to comments via email (like mine). At a basic level you can track your comments left across the blogosphere so you don’t forget to follow up on the conversation. InitiallyContinue reading “Are you one of the cool kids?”

Would you charge a job applicant for an interview??

Sounds rather strange doesn’t it, charging applicants to interview with you.  It is usually the other way around, employers paying for flights, taxis, accomodation to entice employees to work for them. Well not for low cost Australian Airline Jetstar who are charing applicants $89 for the interview process.  This does not even cover the costContinue reading “Would you charge a job applicant for an interview??”

Jobster launches a brand new interface

Over the last couple of days Jobster has released a brand new interface and in the process redefined job search, tags and social networking all at once. The only thing missing is freshly brewed coffee, which you need so you can take the time to understand what they have done! Let’s break it down:- JobContinue reading “Jobster launches a brand new interface”