375 and counting

Today I added the 375th site to community.hrblogs.org! What is it? Pink Apple an Australian site devoted to help you nurture both business and personal relationships.  It has been classified under the “Career Development” section.  A special mention needs to go to #374, Talking Point because they were 374.

Jobster buy’s another site

Jobster has been very busy in the last little while trying to take over the recruiting online space, buying up WorkZoo, and GoJobby. Today they announced that they acquired Recruiting.com! Jason and his merry band of writers are joining the Jobster mothership. Congratulations to them all. You can read the official version of events atContinue reading “Jobster buy’s another site”

links for 2006-06-06

Independent Online Edition > News Batwoman returns after a 30 year absence as a lesbian socialite in the comic 52. (tags: Comics Batwoman) Blackboard picture defining a fuckwad Found after listening to the latest Gilmore Gang, proof of how fuckwads are created. (tags: humour)

Inside out, back to front and open recruiting

Rob Merrill over at GoodRecruits has a taken several ideas that are brewing across the blogosphere and produced an interesting business idea. Jobster, but distributed… Rob feel we all need to get into Microformats, Microformat Search engines, social networks, XFN (or would RapLeaf be just as good?) mash them all together and create a distributedContinue reading “Inside out, back to front and open recruiting”

links for 2006-06-02

Laurel Papworth – Online Communities – Australia and Global: Managing staff as an online community An interesting post on how to use blogs, wikis and forums to help managing staff (tags: communication communities collaboration Blogs wikis)