AOL copies DIGG and relaunches

One of the big technology stories going around today (not the one about Bill Gates) is the AOL relaunch of, currently at, long the same lines as Digg.  The site relies on member participation to vote on stories, this provides a pulse on what is hot at the moment.  I was going toContinue reading “AOL copies DIGG and relaunches”

links for 2006-06-15

EXCELER8ion™ | The blog about online recruitment marketing and interactive advertising Want to interview with Google, be prepared, EXCELER8ion blog has links to a candidate’s experience. (tags: google recruitment)

links for 2006-06-14

Chef tells of frightening 15-storey lift plunge. 14/06/2006. ABC News Online A Chef in a top Melbourne hotel went for a 15 storey free fall when the lift he was in broke! Very scary to say the least. (tags: OHS Australia)

Companies using Google Adwords

(Another post from Writely.) I have noticed an interesting new trend over the last month or so. Australian HR technology and services companies advertising via Google AdSense. I have mostly noticed them when going through the archives of my blog and Companies I have seen advertising are, but not limited to:- CareerOne AHRI PayGlobalContinue reading “Companies using Google Adwords”