4th July – Declare independence from mainstream media!

Found this interesting idea on Cameron’s Brain, declare 4th July as a day of independence from mainstream media. Not being in the US the 4th July is usually just another day, so this is a great idea to give it meaning. The idea was kicked around but a number of people on the New EnglandContinue reading “4th July – Declare independence from mainstream media!”

Server Offline

Over the last 24 hours my hosting provider has been having problems with their environments.  It seems they have been over run by spam and phishing attacks which has brought some of the servers down.  We are back up at the moment! This problem is also impacting hrblogs.org (still having problems) and community.hrblogs.org, sorry forContinue reading “Server Offline”

Another job board for Australia

There must be something in the water because I received an email late last week announcing a new International Job Board (in Beta), recruit.net which covers Australia at australia.recruit.net, along with Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and India. What is really interesting is this seems to be a vertical search play! I really like theContinue reading “Another job board for Australia”