Test Writely Post

This is a test blog post from Writely the Web 2.0 word processor owned by Google. I have been playing with Google‘s new Spreadsheet and thought I should also look again at Writely. With Gmail , Google Calendar , Writely , and the new Google Spreadsheet Google are fast becoming a serious competitor to the Microsoft Office suite.

In addition to the word processing features Writely allows you to post directly to your blog including tags very cool.

2 thoughts on “Test Writely Post

  1. Yes Google is only on the fringes at the moment and probably won’t be a ‘serious’ threat to Microsoft Office for sometime. But hey 10% of a multi multi billion dollar business still adds up to los of buckeroos and the competition is good for all of us consumers.

  2. The competition is good, however I do feel they are starting to move up the value chain when it comes to consumers. With the recent deal with Dell to bundle products on Dell systems consumers will begin to have as easy access to Google software as they do to Microsoft’s, if not easier. This means for a certain portion of the population Google software will become a viable alternative.

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