Tips for virtual conference attendance

SHRM’s premiere event has just finished and we right in the middle of conference season for North America.  All of these conferences now generate lots of discussions online.  For example was a great conversation that has been going on spearheaded by Your HR Guy, then Amitai Givertz then Your HR Guy and finally by AmitaiContinue reading “Tips for virtual conference attendance”

Careers & Job Channel at

I have just unsubscribed from the Netscape Careers & Jobs Channel RSS feed after a couple of weeks. Why? The content is terrible!  When I say terrible I mean really terrible.  Over the last week the feed seems to now include many of the top stories from the whole Netscape site.  Today the feed includedContinue reading “Careers & Job Channel at”

Why we hate HR 2.0 (Will this hurt)?

Fast Company has just posted a counter point to the one and only “Why we hate HR” story from last year.  They list some findings from a survey conducted by  Jacquelyn Thorp Kinworthy, a professor at Cal State-Fullerton and CEO/founder of HR-Coach Products and Services.  In summary:- 1) Companies hire inexperienced and unqualified people toContinue reading “Why we hate HR 2.0 (Will this hurt)?”

New sites in the HR blogging community

I have just been added a few new sites over at, a few I found, and a few who submitted themselves.  The newest sites in the community are:- Get Career Confessions of an HR Director Focus on Talent and Workforce Performance Australian HR Technology Thoughts MAPping Company Success Charles A. Krugel, Labor & EmploymentContinue reading “New sites in the HR blogging community”

How to manage gaming geeks, or any geek for that matter

Just finished listening to show number 51 from The Cranky Middle Manager Show where Wayne spends time chatting with Matt Manuel from EA who looks after the development of FIFA 2006. A great show with some really interesting ideas covering on-boarding, peer mentoring, and team management. It seems that a number of the manager’s atContinue reading “How to manage gaming geeks, or any geek for that matter”