AHRI Victorian HRIS SIG Discussion Forum

The Victorian HRIS Special Interest Group is running a discussion forum to review HR systems over the next 10 years. Discussion forums provide an informal and flexible face to face environment for people who are interested in HR systems to meet, discuss and network around a specific topic. We will not have keynote speakers, presentations, and so forth. There is no distinction between presenters and audience; every participant can contribute to the conversation. Members of the SIG organising committee will be on hand to lead groups covering four difference aspects impacting the future of HR systems, during the discussions please feel free to move among the groups as you see fit. The different topics will be:-

  • Globalisation

How is globalisation impacting on HR Systems and what can we do to prepare for these changes? How should HR Systems be developing to meet the requirements of business globalisation?

  • Culture

Deployment of HR systems can’t be successful without an accepting, innovative, flexible culture that embraces change. How do we drive cultural change and the embrace of new systems and processes? What works? What doesn’t?

  • Business

Integrating HR data with key business data provides powerful evidence of viability and sustainability. Over the coming years to what degree will your business viability/sustainability be dependant on your HR System? Is it relevant now?

  • Technology

HR systems by their very nature are heavily reliant on technology; this technology seems to be changing at an increasing speed. How do changes in technology impact your HR systems? Should you be paying attend to the current trends such as Open Source, Software as a Service, and Mobility in making purchasing decisions?

Date 9 May, 2006
Time 7:30am -; 9:00am
Venue Green Cat Café 161 Collins St Melbourne (Seating Area at the back of the Café)
Cost Free, you can purchase coffee and muffins at the Café
RSVP Michael Specht (michael@specht.com.au) by Monday 8 May 2006

If you have colleagues who you feel would be interested in attending please feel free to pass this invitation on to them.

ZoomIn to Australian Social Mapping Software

Here is a really really cool new tool, ZoomIn, thanks to Cam & Rich from G’Day World for the pointer. ZoomIn is an Australian mapping solution that is mashed up with social networking and a photo sharing site. Users can create places, upload photos and add comments.
The mapping software is very good, personally I find it better than whereis I am planning on using it from now on.

Some thoughts on usage:-

  • Cool places to eat and drink
  • Pictures and places for tourists to visit
  • An Australian version of the New York Google Maps junk collection mashup GarbageScout (background info here, here)
  • Information about your local area
  • Online neighbourhood watch
  • Some smart cookie might even look at using it as a dating site

The list goes on, if you are in Australia have a look at the tool.

A couple of suggestions include RSS feeds of places or photo tags, and maybe allow users to enter the URL of a photo instead of having to upload it, or being able to email in photos with the address as the subject.

Cranky Middle Managers

Ok we all know that they exist, we all either work for one, have them reporting to us or are one yourself.  If you fit into any of these categories, or you are a consultant that has to deal with them you should check out The Cranky Middle Manager podcast hosted by Wayne Trumel.

Wayne’s latest show is on the DNA of Leadership, a fascinating interview with Judith Glaser, author of The DNA of Leadership.  Either listen to the show directly from the site or subscribe using your favourite pod-catcher.  I would recommend that you subscribe as in June has will be speaking about managing multiple generations in the workforce, a very relevant topic today.

Job update

If you have been following my blog for a while you will know that I was finishing with BHP Billiton (ex-WMC) during April.  This time has come and gone and I am now moving on.

I am going to Nortel, yes the company that seems to have had a lot of trouble filing its financial returns over the last couple of years and the CEO has changed more times than I can count.  During the 1990’s I spent almost 9 years at Nortel and decided to go back there into a very different role.  I will be taking up a role in the Service Delivery group primarily looking after the Nortel Melbourne office, the role is pure IT no HR or HRIS.

I plan to continue to blog, but I predict that the content will become more technology focused than HR focused but given my interests I will continue to post of HR.  This will not change hrblogs.org or community.hrblogs.org these will continue as services to the HR Blogging Community, I even plan to add some more features.

Movement in Job Search

Over the last couple of weeks there has been some interesting developments in the job search arena on both sides of the global. Firstly in Australia we have had the very flashy launch of jobs.com.au and in Canada there has been the launch of Eluta a Canadian specific vertical search site.
jobs.com.au claims to not be a job board but a “fully automated online recruitment service”. In an online twist jobs.com.au only charges employers when they hire a candidate, not to advertise. They are also providing several services to candidates. Firstly a monthly email report detailing jobs in the system that match your skills, how many jobs you have been shortlisted for, companies you were introduced to and discount vouchers along with the typical resume advice.
Eluta is a vertical search engine just for the Canadian marketplace, they have the typical features that you expect to see, Advance Search, RSS Feeds, Email Alerts with a couple of new ones. A map of the where the employer is located to help the candidate in their decision making and a similar link displaying related jobs to the one shown, very nice.
It is good to see movement outside of the US marketplace in the job search arena.

Site move completed

I have finished moving hosting providers with only a few small issues, this means ity is back to our regular program of posts.

(The only issue I have is a wiki I created no longer runs, I hope to have this fixed in the next couple of days.)