links for 2006-05-08

Bosses consider blog ban. 03/05/2006. ABC News Online One fo the first mainstream articles I have seen in Australia on blogging policies. HR professionals take note! (tags: blogging legislation australia HRM policy) LeeAnn Prescott – Hitwise US: Simply Hired, Indeed and Jobster Compete for Market Share Hitwise’s Lee Ann Prescott provides an interesting comparison USContinue reading “links for 2006-05-08”

Google’s Ten Golden Rules of Management

Late last year Eric Schmidt and Hal Varian published in Newsweek 10 Golden Rules that Google has implemented to help effectively manage knowledge workers. Hire by committee Cater to their every need Pack them in Make coordination easy Eat your own dog food Encourage creativity Strive to reach consensus Don’t be evil Data drive decisionsContinue reading “Google’s Ten Golden Rules of Management”

Getting noticed in the HR blogosphere

A couple of weeks ago there was a big discussion on link-swapping over at that caused all manner of conversations to break out. I also got into the conversation by letting everyone know about an aggregation come directory of HR blogs that I have found or been submitted. The communities resident SEO expert,Continue reading “Getting noticed in the HR blogosphere”

links for 2006-05-05

Want a job in the secret service ASIO is using Google to help them recruit, type in “Australian Security Intelligence Organisation” and you get sent to their recruitment page. (tags: recruitment australia) MyLinkWiki for LinkedIn A wiki to help you get the most out of LinkedIn (tags: recruitment search wiki people)

Seth Godin talks about Recruiting

(Thanks to Dave Lefkow for the pointer) Seth Godin provides Todd Raphael, editor in chief of ERE, with an interview on recruitment and the intersection with marketing. The quote I really like from the interview:- Employee satisfaction is entirely related to the respect and autonomy employees are given. Over and over again, it has beenContinue reading “Seth Godin talks about Recruiting”