HR Blogs Community Update

Over the last couple of days I have had two bug reports on, both have been killed.  Thanks to Glenn and Gautam. I have also added another 4 sites to the list, including a couple from India.

One feature I have been thinking about is the ability to categorise by country.  I am yet to do this as I think a majority of the sites are US-specific.  I will see how things go.

Once again if you find any bugs or missing sites just let me know.

3 thoughts on “HR Blogs Community Update

  1. what I like about the list is that the list is not too focussed on only “HR” per se, but encompasses a lot of blogs that riff on issues that impact people. Like for example Lilia’s Mathemagenic blog.

    Awesome achievement Mike !

  2. Thanks Gautam. When I originally pulled the list together I was looking at broader management topics, like KM. However I must admit that I have not been as good at keeping the non-HR sites up to date.

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